Maltese MP with Puttinu donation after Mt Kilimanjaro challenge

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Maltese MP with Puttinu donation after Mt Kilimanjaro challenge

After having managed to scale Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro, Labour MP Alex Muscat racked up a whopping €51,280 donation for Puttinu Cares.

Muscat gifted the donation to Puttinu on his birthday, after having spent over 7 hours in January traversing freezing cold temperatures and other challenges which pushed him mentally, physically and emotionally. 

The MP had raised donations during his mountainous task, keeping followers up to date with his voyage. 

Now he gets to give back to the community who supported him and help people, especially children, suffering with severe challenges themselves such as cancer. 


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iOS 16.4 introducing 31 brand new emojis

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The release of the iOS 16.4 developer beta means we get to have a look at the next set of emojis coming to our iPhones. 

Thanks to Emojipedia, the new set of emojis was originally unveiled during the draft phase last year, and not much has essentially changed since. Except for however an angle to the shaking head. 

These designs could still change before the final release of the iOS 16.4 and the iPadOS 16.4 as they ship out to consumers in the coming weeks. 

Among the new emojis are the pushing hand gestures, which can be officially used as a high five (as the prayer emoji was originally intended). 

Other additions include a donkey, moose, goose, jellyfish and a wing. Other emojis include a hyacinth, pea pod, ginger, hair pick, maracas, folding hand fan, and more.

There will also be addition of the Khanda, which is the symbol of the Sikh faith and which represents the warrior code of the Khalsa. 



Trabzonspor fans pay tribute to earthquake responders with tifo

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Trabzonspor fans pay tribute to earthquake responders with tifo

Trabzonspor secured a 1-0 victory against Basel in the first leg of the UEFA Europa Conference League knockout playoffs on Thursday. 

The match was notable for the team’s touching tribute to the victims of the devastating earthquakes that recently occurred in southeastern Türkiye. 

Jens Stryger Larsen’s second-half goal was the difference between the two sides, as the Danish defender pounced on a rebound to break the deadlock in the 65th minute at the Şenol Güneş Sports Complex Akyazı Stadium.

After the goal, several Trabzonspor players celebrated by holding up a Türkiye T-shirt. Before the game, the stadium was filled with a poignant atmosphere as fans paid tribute to the victims of the earthquakes that struck southeastern Türkiye last week, causing massive destruction and leaving over 38,000 people dead.

The emotional choreography displayed by the fans depicted a search and rescue responder saving a child, accompanied by a German Shepherd named Proteo who tragically died during search and rescue efforts. 

The banner in the stadium conveyed a powerful message of unity, with both teams showing their support for the victims of the disaster. The match’s proceeds will be donated to help the victims of the earthquake.

The second leg of the tie will take place in Switzerland on February 23, with the winner advancing to the Round of 16.

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King Charles III ignores ‘Not My King’ protest in Milton Keynes

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King Charles III ignores ‘Not My King’ protest in Milton Keynes

The newly anointed King Charles III ignored and carried on his way a group of protesters who held up yellow placards reading: ‘Not My King.’

The 74-year-old monarch travelled to Milton Keynes on Thursday in celebration of it gaining status as a city, a classification which was awarded during Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. 

Upon his arrival at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone, about 20 protesters held up yellow signs denouncing the monarchy, as organised by anti-monarchy group Republic. 


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The group is also planning on protesting King Charles’ coronation on May 6th. The group’s leader, Graham Smith, took to Twitter to reveal that Charles did not answer when asked why he is ‘wasting money on the coronation.’ 

‘We’re determine to get the message across that it’s OK to protest against the royals’ said Smith, as several anti-royal protesters started getting arrested for holding solo pickets after legislation on protest was toughened. 


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