Maltese MEP’s Charger Victory Highlighted By Wall Street Journal

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Maltese MEP's Charger Victory Highlighted By Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal published an article highlighting MEP Alex Agius Saliba’s victory in managing to push Apple into incorporating a USB-C charger point in its latest iPhone. 

The article is titled; ‘He Took On The World’s Most Valuable Company – And Won’, and focuses on the work of Agius Saliba. 

This is because Saliba was the European Parliament’s rapporteur on common charger legislation, with the regulations coming into force in the EU next year.

This means that mobile phones will have to adapt to the USB-C charger port and ditch the proprietary Lightning adaptor. 

Despite having reservations about the change, touting a stifling of innovation and causing inconvenience, Apple yielded to Agius Saliba’s proposals to minimise the environmental impact our technology has. 


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FKNK President Cuddles With Tina The Barn Owl

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FKNK President Cuddles With Tina The Barn Owl


It was cuddle time for Lucas Micallef, the President of the Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK) and barn owl, Tina. 

The video shows the calm and loving interaction between human and bird as Lucas gives the majestic feathered creature a little tickle. 


Barn owls are truly cuddly 🥰 Meet Tina ☺️#barnowl #barnowlsoftiktok #tytoalba🦉 #malta #fknkmalta #conservation #owls

♬ original sound – micallef_lucas_mt

The barn owls (barbaġann) form part of the FKNK’s effort to restore their population on the islands, having documented the entire process on their social media. 

The FKNK managed to bring the bird population back to Maltese woodlands, most notably in Buskett, with 5 of these owls being released into the area in October of 2021. 


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Tribute Night At Pride Village Rocks Music’s Greatest Hits

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Tribute Night At Pride Village Rocks Music's Greatest Hits

Yesterday, Sunday 10th September, saw Pride Village at Pjazza Tritoni hosting ‘Tributes Night’, which played some of history’s greatest musical hits. 

The night saw Nicola Twardowski take to the stage as the one and only Beyonce, accompanied by Patricia McCluney’s renditions of Lady Gaga & Cher. 

The two artists welcomed hundreds as the celebration of love and the LGBTIQ+ community continued around Malta as one of the many events and celebrations forming part of EuroPride Valletta 2023. 


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But it’s not over yet, as EuroPride still has loads of celebrations, seminars, networking events and much more for you to attend to if you missed out on this one!


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Neymar Breaks Pele Record To Become Brazil’s Top Scorer

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Neymar Breaks Pele Record To Become Brazil's Top Scorer

On Friday, Neymar, at 31 years old, surpassed Pelé as Brazil’s all-time leading goal scorer, netting his 78th goal in a World Cup qualifier against Bolivia. 

The match ended 5-1 in Brazil’s favour, with Neymar scoring twice. His record-breaking goal was a precise finish from close range following a low cross into the penalty box. Neymar expressed his immense happiness and admitted he never imagined achieving this milestone.

Although Neymar missed a penalty earlier in the match, his second goal, much like the first, was a result of a well-placed cross by Raphinha. The Brazilian soccer federation acknowledges Pelé’s total of 95 goals, while FIFA excludes Pelé’s goals in national team friendlies against clubs.

Neymar’s accomplishment was recognised by Pelé’s Foundation, which congratulated him on surpassing the legendary player in official FIFA matches. Neymar, however, emphasized that this record doesn’t imply he’s superior to Pelé or any other national team player. 

He expressed his desire to carve his own legacy in the national team.

After experiencing doubts about his future with the national team following a World Cup quarterfinal loss in the previous year, Neymar’s return showcased his determination to contribute to Brazil’s success. 


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