Maltese Male Workers Get Injured More Than Female Workers

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Maltese Male Workers Get Injured More Than Female Workers

According to new data released by the National Statistics Office, male workers in Malta are much more prone to getting injured on the workplace than their female counterpart.

In data for last year, 2022, male workers accounted for 1,884 injuries out of a total of 2,393 total injuries. Female workers only accounted for 509 of said injuries. 

In previous years, the disparity between the injuries as well as the total was far greater, with 2019 showing that 2,532 males were injured out of a total of 3,258. 

Meanwhile, Administrative records show that 1,062 persons were involved in a non-fatal accident at work in the first six months of 2023.

The manufacturing sector had the highest amount of non-fatal accidents (14%), followed by the transportation and storage sector (13.5% or 143 injuries). 

29.6% of the accidents involved persons in the 35 to 44 age bracket. Meanwhile, 30% of the injuries at work affected the back, including the spine and vertebra. The same percentage also applied to accidents taking place in enterprises with 500 or more employees. 


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Bolt Market Is Your New Neighbourhood Store

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Bolt Market Is Your New Neighbourhood Store

Edik Davtian, Country Manager Bolt Market Malta, talks about how convenient grocery delivery can help customers in their everyday lives.

The popularity of grocery delivery services is growing. The pandemic has accelerated the logistics of these services, and customers can now have their essentials delivered practically immediately, directly to their hands. At the same time, customers began to value their time and have faced a cost of living crisis. Do services such as Bolt Market answer real-life problems? What are the main benefits of Bolt Market to the local community?

Can Bolt Market save me time?

Edik Davtian, Country Manager Bolt Market Malta: Undoubtedly. Saving time is the main advantage of Bolt Market. It’s not just the time spent in the store itself, but also the journey there and back, including parking and logistics associated with private or public transport. 

Even the nerves that you will experience while shopping on the way from work when, just like you, the whole neighbourhood wants to do a quick stock up or get something for the family dinner. We see data that 60% of people spend over 30 minutes grocery shopping per trip; on average, people do grocery shopping 8 times a month, and on top of that, over 50% of consumers shop for groceries on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. 

Imagine — you could take this time to relax, go to the movies, be with your loved ones or alone, with no interruptions or extra stress… At Bolt Market, my favourite feature is “Order Again” — a personalised category with the products I usually buy, all in one place. So I can create my regular basket quickly, and it starts appearing right after your first order.

Will I save money too? 

E.D.: I recently read an article saying that 27% of those asked had started regularly writing or making greater use of shopping lists amid the cost of living crisis. We also see what our customers need help with, so we designed the app to make sure they feel comfortable while shopping on Bolt Market.

On Bolt Market, you can see the value of your current shopping cart at any moment, so you always have an overview of how much you’ll spend — no surprises at checkout. At the same time, you can compare the prices of different brands of the same goods. And last but not least, you’re not overwhelmed by the shelves full of advertising, so you avoid impulse purchases of things you don’t need. At Bolt Market, we make sure that there are always relevant products with discounts.

What makes Bolt Market unique compared to other services of this kind?

E.D.: Bolt’s mission is to make cities for people, not cars. While our micromobility and ride-hailing services help remove private cars from cities, our delivery services (groceries and ready meals from restaurants) focus more on people. Our selection, promotions, time of delivery, and how we respect the local community make us different.

At the same time, customers know our other services, which makes for an easier app experience and adds trust to this new way of grocery shopping.

So who is Bolt Market’s customer?

E.D.: It can be anyone. A busy, independent businesswoman who invited friends for an Italian evening but forgot to buy a few particular ingredients. Kids who live far away from their elderly parents and want to support them occasionally with the stock up of heavy groceries. A father short on time, who needed fast delivery of some household and baby items. A young couple whose friends show up unexpectedly one Saturday night expecting snacks. You name it; we’ve got you! Bolt Market solves everyday problems in just a few taps of your phone.

Our selection includes fruit and veggies, ready-to-eat options, dinner ingredients, sweet snacks, and vegan bites. Customers will also find household items and beauty products.


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Fried Egg Jellyfish Bloom In Comino

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Fried Egg Jellyfish Bloom In Comino

Marine biologist Alan Deidun took to social media to share images of the fried egg jellyfish bloom in Comino yesterday. 

Known as ‘tal-lampuki’ or ‘qassata’ in Maltese, Deidun described the innocuous creatures as flying saucers peacefully making their way in the bright blue waters. 

The photos form part of the Spot The Jellyfish Citizen Science campaign, which urges citizen to share and learn about the different types of jellyfish which populate our island’s seas and coasts.

The fried egg jellyfish is immediately identifiable due to it resembling an egg yolk, with its sting being harmless to humans and even providing shelter to small fish in the open ocean.

Have you ever spotted one of these jellyfish?


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World’s First Spotless Giraffe Born In Tennessee Zoo

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World's First Spotless Giraffe Born In Tennessee Zoo

What is supposedly the world’s first spotless giraffe has been born in a Tennessee zoo, becoming the first enclosure to host such a rare specimen.

The female giraffe was born on the 31st of July and has a uniform brown colour. The young giraffe, born at Brights zoo, is missing the iconic spotted appearance which normally serves as camoflauge for wild giraffes. 

Already 6 feet tall, it is currently under the care of its mother and the zoo staff. The spots also operate as a form of thermal regulation as the skin under the markings utilise a blood vessel system that allows the animal to release heat through the centre. 

Furthermore, each pattern of patches is uniquely different for each giraffe – well, all of them except for this particular giraffe, whose name is still being picked.

Currently, the names in the ballot are Kipekee, meaning ‘unique’, Firayali, meaning ‘unusual’, Shakiri, meaning ‘she is most beautiful, or Jamella, for ‘one of great beauty’. 

Currently, giraffe populations in the wild are suffering ‘silent extinction’, due to it being such a slow decline. 40% of the wild giraffe population was lost in the last 30 years, with around 68,000 left in the wild. 


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