Maltese Fans Shine Despite 2-0 Loss to England in Euro 2024 Qualifier

Maltese Fans Shine Despite 2-0 Loss to England in Euro 2024 Qualifier
Nov 18 2023 Share

Numerous Maltese supporters traveled to London for yesterday’s Malta vs England match, a crucial fixture in the Euro 2024 Group C qualification group.

While Malta faced a 2-0 defeat against one of the strongest international sides globally, the Maltese players displayed admirable resilience, allowing only three shots on target throughout the full 90 minutes of play.

Beyond the pitch, the Maltese fanbase exhibited remarkable passion, with hundreds of supporters going to great lengths to rally behind Malta at the iconic Wembley Stadium, led by the Malta South End Core.


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Taking over pubs and streets in London, the Maltese fans chanted and supported their team, earning praise from the South End Core for their outstanding spirit. The supporters’ enthusiasm and sportsmanship both on and off the pitch made Malta proud, showcasing the heart of the Maltese community in London.


Malta Amongst The Most Generous Countries in the World, Survey Says

Malta Amongst The Most Generous Countries in the World, Survey Says
Nov 17 2023 Share

The recently-published World Giving Index 2023 issued by the Charities Aid Foundation revealed a number of global trends in generosity and amongst other key pieces of data, Malta ranked fifth-most likely to donate money.

Our tiny Mediterranean island was grouped in the top quintile with regards to charity index ranking, with the ranking based on three measures: Helping Strangers, Donating Money, and Volunteering Time.

The data revealed that 65% of participants in Malta said they had donated to a charity last year, putting Malta in fifth place out 142 countries under the ‘Donated Money’ measure. Myanmar occupied the first place spot with a whopping 83%, Indonesia came in second at 82%, the UK in third with 71% and Ukraine right after with 70%.

Malta ranked 20th overall, with placement depending on individuals generally donating money, volunteering or helping strangers, with 56% of participants saying they had helped a stranger but just 25% revealed they had volunteered time to an organisation.

The data of the survey was gathered by popular polling organisation Gallup, surveying around 147,000 people around the world in 2022. The study also highlighted that religious people performed better in the index when compared to non-religious individuals whilst immigrants were more likely to contribute than nationals, with the latter most potent in Europe.


Celebrating 7 Years Of Scientific Excellence With Esplora Interactive Science Centre

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Esplora Interactive Science Centre first opened its doors to a world of wonder and discovery seven years ago. Esplora Interactive Science Centre started an amazing journey of scientific inquiry and community participation since this historic day. Today, they are proud to celebrate their 7th year anniversary with you, their cherished community, and you are invited to join in on a two-day celebration on the 18th and 19th November between 10am and 5pm. This special event is dedicated to Esplora’s esteemed visitors, who have been the heart and soul of their mission to bring the magic of science to our communities.

The event reflects Esplora’s unwavering dedication to creating a better world through science and education. The institution firmly believe that by uniting our efforts, humanity can identify innovative ways to act towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

During these two-day celebrations, Esplora is bringing together environmental NGOs, dedicated researchers, and scientists who are working tirelessly to find innovative solutions for a sustainable future. During the event, visitors can discover practical ways to reduce their carbon footprint, learn about the latest advancement in climate science and engage with local research initiatives aimed at preserving our planet.

Milestones and Achievements

Throughout these last seven years, the centre has grown, boasting over 200 interactive exhibits that have captured the imagination of curious minds of all ages. But the journey goes beyond Esplora’s walls; it extends into the heart of their community. Esplora feel fortunate to foster valuable partnerships that have enriched the brand’s commitment to science and STEAM education.

Esplora Interactive Science Centre has evolved to become an integral part of the community, hosting numerous events and outreach programs aimed at spreading the love of science. They have gone into local schools, engaging with eager young students, and visited elderly homes, bringing the joy of science to older generations. They have actively taken part in local festivals and activities, making science a part of the celebration. The mission is to make science accessible to all, and your unwavering support has been the driving force behind their journey.

Esplora’s dedication to innovation, education and scientific achievement is steadfast. Together with their esteemed visitors, Esplora looks forward to celebrating and moving forward on their path to a better, sustainable future.

“We appreciate you being a member of the Esplora family and we are eager to share our celebrations with you. Our journey is far from over, and we are excited about the future. Here’s to seven years of scientific excellence and to many more years of exploration, wonder and discovery.”

Entrance as follows:

Children under 10 years: FREE
Children (11-15 years): €4
Adults: €8


Miss Universe Malta Ella Portelli’s ‘FARFETT’ Dress Has A Profound Meaning

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Miss Universe Malta, Ella Portelli, recently captured attention with a mesmerising butterfly-inspired dress, serving as a symbolic representation of Malta’s biodiversity.

Once boasting around 50 butterfly species and 550 moth species, Malta’s ecosystem has suffered due to rampant urbanisation and unregulated construction. Portelli’s gown, adorned with delicate butterfly wings, artfully communicates the fragility of Malta’s natural habitat and the detrimental impact of unchecked development on its flora and fauna.

Portelli’s dress carries a profound message, urging sustainable development practices to safeguard Malta’s biodiversity. The intricate design not only draws attention to the environmental challenges faced by the island nation but also underscores the need for global awareness and action. Currently competing in the 72nd Edition of Miss Universe in El Salvador, Portelli represents Malta on the international stage. Her advocacy aligns with a broader global movement toward prioritising nature conservation in the face of escalating urbanisation.

The butterfly-inspired gown acts as a visual manifesto, emphasising the interconnectedness of environmental issues on a global scale. As Portelli competes alongside models from various nations, the symbolism of her dress resonates universally, highlighting the importance of adopting sustainable practices worldwide. Ella Portelli’s presence in the Miss Universe competition not only showcases her elegance but also amplifies the urgent call to address environmental concerns, making her a noteworthy ambassador for biodiversity conservation on an international platform.