Maltese Elvis wins ‘Mr.Songman’ tribute competition in London

Maltese Elvis wins 'Mr.Songman' tribute competition in London
May 8 2023 Share

Josuel Grech, a 22-year-old Elvis Presley tribute artist, has just placed first in the ‘Mr. Songman’ Elvis tribute competition in London, UK. 

Taking to social media, Grech announced his achievement, saying that it has been a lifelong passion of his to share his love for the late rockstar. 

‘He is the greatest entertainer of all time and I’m humbled to follow his footsteps’ he wrote, going on to thank his girlfriend Luana, parents and the rest of his family for their unconditional support and guidance. 

Being a good sport, Josuel also thanked the other contestants who participated in the event, congratulating 2nd and 3rd place respectively. 

This is not the first time Josuel has competed in a competition as the singer, having placed second in a Bristol competition last year before his victory in London, with the event organised by Bulldog Promotions. 


6,000 scouts and girl guides parade through Valletta

6,000 scouts and girl guides parade through Valletta
May 8 2023 Share

The streets of Malta’s capital city of Valletta welcomed around 6,000 Scouts and Girl Guides for their annual parade. 


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The Scout Association of Malta and the Malta Girl Guides are two of the biggest voluntary organisations in Malta, and welcome 4% of kids on the islands to teach and provide service. 

The parade took place yesterday, Sunday 7th May 2023, and saw various young members march down the capital city to showcase the work they’ve been doing during this past year.

Minister for Inclusion and Voluntary Work Julia Farrugia Portelli and Minister for Culture Owen Bonnici also shared some snapshots from the event, admiring the youth for their participation and the organisations for their hard work. 

Were you a member of the scouts when you were younger?

Well done to all involved! 


Hyundai’s new tech lets you parallel park cars like a crab

Hyundai's new tech lets you parallel park cars like a crab
May 8 2023 Share

Hyundai Mobis has just released a demo car showcasing the e-Corner system, which, by the looks of it, will revolutionise parking – and possibly help those of us who never quite got the hang of parallel parking.

The e-Corner System technology enables all four wheels of a vehicle to turn 90 degrees and thus allow the car to perform parallel parking in any tight space.

‘It rotates the front wheels inside while rear wheels turn outside to perform a 360-degree idle turn and make a 180-degree turn to retreat from a dead end’, Interesting Engineering state to describe the operations of the tech. 

Such technology has never been mass produced anywhere in the world and is considered the key mobility technology for ‘electrification and autonomous driving’. 

I mean, just look at the wheels turning and picture such vehicles parallel parking across Maltese roads. Such parking is called ‘crab driving’, where all four wheels turn perpendicular to the curb. 


New national record of 44.98 seconds in 4×100 relay

New national record of 44.98 seconds in 4x100 relay
May 8 2023 Share

Competing in the Firenze Spring Festival Relays, four Maltese female athletes – Claire Azzopardi, Janet Richard, Charlotte Wingfield and Carla Scicluna – set a new national record of 44.98 seconds.

This was the first time Malta registered anything below 45 seconds, with the previous record, now broken, being a time of 45.37 seconds. 

The Maltese women 4×100 relay team had smashed the record last April, meaning that the new record was achieved in less than a month and just ahead of the GSSE 2023, set to be held in Malta. 


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Claire Azzopardi took to social media to celebrate the achievement, with an Instagram story showing her break the news to her teammates as the latter jump in joy. 

Well done girls!