Maltese Doctor Reported Missing in South Africa

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29-year-old Stefano Corso reportedly went missing on Wednesday after attending exiting a building and failing to return. Maltese police and Interpol are on the case, with a missing person report issued by ‘Missing Children in South Africa’.

Media reports highlight that Corso was last seen on Wedesday at around 3.35pm in Paarden Island. The South African authorities were provided with a description of the man at the time of his disappearance: beige pants, a white t-shirt and a black jacket.

Cape Town police have reportedly requested the public’s assistance in solving the mysterious disappearance.


Why 1-in-7 People Are Addicted to Ultra-Processed Foods

Why 1-in-7 People Are Addicted to Ultra-Processed Foods
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In an age where convenience often trumps health, it comes as no surprise that 1 in every 7 people worldwide is addicted to ultra-processed foods (UPFs). These UPFs are not just harmful; they are designed to be super-palatable, encouraging us to consume them in excess. This has led to a global health crisis, raising concerns among researchers and health professionals alike.

Studies from scientists in the United States, Spain, and Brazil have shed light on the alarming prevalence of UPF addiction. Analysing 281 studies across 36 countries, they found that 14% of adults and 12% of children suffer from addiction to ultra-processed foods. The lead author of the review, Professor Ashley Gearhardt of the University of Michigan, developed the ‘Yale Food Addiction Scale’ in 2009 to measure this problem accurately. If an individual has experienced at least two symptoms of excessive intake, loss of control over consumption, cravings, continued use despite negative consequences, and withdrawal, they can be classified as addicted.


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The foods are meticulously crafted to be irresistible, loaded with sugars, unhealthy fats, and salts, stimulating the release of pleasure-inducing neurotransmitters like dopamine. This neurological response hooks us, making it difficult to resist the next bite or sip. The cycle of cravings, consumption, and regret continues, contributing to the addiction phenomenon.

Doctor Chris van Tulleken, a prominent health expert and author, emphasises that while ‘food’ itself is not addictive, ultra-processed foods, according to him, are not truly food. Instead, they resemble addictive substances like alcohol and tobacco. Their carefully engineered combination of flavours, textures, and chemical additives exploits our evolutionary preferences, leading to compulsive overeating.

The consequences of UPF addiction are dire. Excessive consumption of these foods is linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and various other health issues. Moreover, it perpetuates a cycle of poor dietary choices, affecting not only physical but also mental well-being.


PN MP Offers Advice On 16 Year Old Mayor Bill

PN MP Offers Advice On 16 Year Old Mayor Bill
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Nationalist MP Mark Anthony Sammut took to social media to comment about the proposed bill that would see 16 and 17 year olds being eligible to contest for mayors. 

The MP wrote on social media saying that if one of his children decided to contest the election, he would offer the following advice:

‘Focus on your studies and have fun with your friends, because your youth only comes once.’

‘The time will come when you will be able to give public service and you can do so with the knowledge that you will be sacrificing from your own private life and liberty.’

‘But that decision, if you are ready to take it, take it when you are not a minor and when I am no longer responsible for the decisions and actions you take. You will find me in full support.’ 

This comes after the government launched a bill which, if passed, would see Malta becoming the first EU country allowing under-18s being eligible for such a position. 


Waterpolo Marathon And ‘Drop of Blue’ Gala Night For Special Olympics Malta

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On October 14th to 15th, 2023, the 4th Edition of the 24-Hour Waterpolo Marathon is set to be an incredible showcase of sport, unity, and community support. Held at the Neptunes Waterpolo Club, this event offers a unique opportunity for SOM athletes, trainers, and staff to come together with all who have contributed to the success of their athletes at the recent World Games in Berlin, and fundraises for further opportunities, provides support, and training. The event is open to the general Maltese public who have been cheering on these athletes.

Expect 24 hours of non-stop action with numerous water polo matches, where attendees can swim alongside the athletes. Continuous entertainment will be provided by DJ Jordy and the Malta School of Sound. Young DJs will be amping up the vibe throughout the day, followed by a night of live music by Beck Zammit and Kelsey Bellante.

In the spirit of camaraderie, a BBQ organized by WPMF is scheduled for Saturday evening. Participation is encouraged, with attendees donating to enjoy the delicious barbecue.

Furthermore, Zumba by Sunset on October 14th at 5:30 pm, and Morning Yoga on Sunday, October 15th at 9:30 am, will be held on the decks of Neptunes Waterpolo Club, offering attendees an opportunity to get active while contributing to a noble cause. The event is family-friendly, and even pets are welcome supporters.

The grand finale, the ‘Drop of Blue’ Fundraising Night, is a celebration of art, fashion, and music, all in support of Special Olympics Malta. Taking place on October 20th, 2023, at AX ODYCY in Qawra, St. Paul’s Bay, this evening promises elegance, entertainment, and heartfelt giving.

Accompanied by fantastic food, music, and entertainment, the gala night brings together leaders from the Maltese community to celebrate integration, sports, and the incredible work of Special Olympics Malta. Live entertainment will be provided by Malta’s leading local artists, including performances by local bands Red Electric and Wild Honey, as well as DJ Mari Mars.

But the true highlight of the evening is the Art and Fashion Auction, featuring designer brands like Charles&Ron, Parascandalo, Sultana, and Yana’s Jewellery, alongside art pieces from local renowned artists such as Debbie Caruana Dingli, Ella Sultana, Kevin Sciberras, Kris Micallef, Ivan Zammit, Johanna Barthet, Sue Gregory, Roberta Zammit Cutajar, and Zack Ritchie.

Attendees will have the opportunity to bid on these exquisite articles, with all proceeds going directly to support Special Olympics Malta.

Food and drink will be served throughout the event, creating a delightful sensory experience. Tickets for the Gala Night are available in exchange for a donation.

Both events are a testament to the power of sports and community support. The funds raised during these events will extend resources, therapy, training, and opportunities to Special Olympics athletes, ensuring they have every opportunity to shine.

100% of ticket sales and auction bids will go directly towards Special Olympics Malta thanks to the generosity of all service providers, entertainers, sponsors, and artists.

Together, we can create more success stories like the recent participation of SOM athletes in the Berlin 2023 World Games, where Malta proudly brought home 32 Olympic Medals.