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Maltese Diver gets Up Close & Personal with Fried Egg Jellyfish in Magical Video

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With Autumn on the horizon as Malta’s summer chapter begins to close, local ocean-lovers will probably want to catch the last glimpse of the our waters, and local diver Max Saliba found himself in quite the magical setting.


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Taking to Instagram to upload a gorgeous reel, Saliba shows himself swimming amongst a bloom of Phacellophora camtschatica, otherwise known as the fried egg jellyfish or ‘Qassata’ / ‘Tal-Lampuka’ in Maltese.

Saliba showed footage of himself and a few others swimming amongst the harmless species of jellyfish in the crystal clear waters of Dwejra.



PN & PL Put Aside Difference to March for Pride in Gozo

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PN & PL Put Aside Difference to March for Pride in Gozo

Politicians from both sides of the coin came together on our sister island yesterday as Malta’s festival of pride and diversity continued in Gozo.


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Labour’s Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri, Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms & Equality Rebecca Buttigieg and MP Randolph Debattista were spotted waving the flag alongside PN MPs Alex Borg & Claudette Buttigieg as well as Labour President Ramona Attard & MEP Cyrus Engerer.

Politicians were seen waving the pride flag in a moment of celebration, with PN MP Alex Borg posting a wholesome selfie of the politicians as they put aside their difference to celebrate pride.

On Saturday, Gozo welcomed visitors from all across Malta and Europe for a Pride March and Concert featuring multiple local favourites such as Versatile Brass, Ryan Hili, Aidan, Amber, Matt Black, Brooke, Janvil, Destiny, Michela and many more, together with Olivia Lilith and Joseph Chetcuti, amongst others.


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Which Hollywood Actors Would Play These Maltese Personalities?

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Which Hollywood Actors Would Play These Maltese Personalities?

Hollywood has a knack for bringing real-life stories to the silver screen, and casting the right actors to portray iconic personalities can make or break a movie’s success. After being inspired by a recent genius posted on Pastizziposting of a spoof article announcing Robert Downey Jr. as Mintoff, we couldn’t help but fuel the fire. So today, we’re diving into the world of Maltese personalities and imagining which Hollywood A-listers could play them in a biographical film.

Jennifer Garner as Ira Losco

Malta’s pop queen, Ira Losco, is known for her electric stage presence and long list of Maltese bangers. Her charismatic and empowering persona deserve an actor who can capture her essence; that being Jennifer Garner. With her radiant smile, acting versatility undeniable talent, Jennifer Garner is the perfect choice to play Ira Losco.

Ian McShane as Freddie Portelli

Freddie Portelli, the legendary Maltese music icon, has a timeless charm and charisma that has resonated with audiences for decades. To bring his incredible story to life, we envision Ian McShane stepping into the role. McShane’s rugged features and commanding presence are reminiscent of Portelli’s iconic stage persona.

Mark Ruffalo as Peppi Azzopardi

Peppi Azzopardi, the beloved Maltese media icon and Xarabank presenter, has a distinctive charm that has made him a household name on the island. To do justice to Azzopardi’s magnetic personality, who better than Mark Ruffalo? Ruffalo’s warm and relatable demeanor, coupled with his knack for portraying various moods and attitudes, make him an ideal choice for this role.

Anya Taylor-Joy as Maxine Pace

Maxine Pace deserves an actor who can embody her charm and talent and Anya Taylor-Joy, with her striking looks and exceptional acting abilities, is the perfect match. Taylor-Joy’s ability to convey emotion through her performances and her captivating presence make her an excellent choice to portray Maxine Pace.

Robert Downey Jr. as Dom Mintoff

Dominic Mintoff, the former Maltese prime minister, was a prominent political figure with a strong personality. To bring his intriguing life story to the screen, Robert Downey Jr. would be an excellent choice. Downey Jr.’s versatility as an actor and his ability to portray complex characters would allow him to capture the essence of Dom Mintoff’s political career and personal life.

While this may be a hypothetical scenario, it’s always exciting to imagine Hollywood stars stepping into the shoes of beloved Maltese figures, showcasing their lives, accomplishments, and the stories that have left a lasting impact on the Maltese islands and beyond.

Question is… which Maltese personality biopic would you watch?


An Exciting Milestone for the University of Malta Rowing Club

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2023 European Rowing Coastal & Beach Sprint Championships

The 2023 European Rowing Coastal & Beach Sprint Championships took place between September 1st and 3rd in the picturesque coastal town of La Seyne-Sur-Mer, France. This event marked an exciting milestone for the University of Malta Rowing Club as they made their debut in the challenging world of coastal rowing.

Two eager participants, Michael Azzopardi and Martina Zammit, represented the University of Malta Rowing Club in the endurance coastal race category. For them, this competition was not just about medals and accolades; it was a journey into uncharted waters, both literally and figuratively.

The coastal rowing endurance race, a grueling 4-6km event, required the participants to navigate between strategically placed buoys, culminating in an exhilarating sprint on the sandy shores. With the wind whipping against them and the seas proving to be rougher than anticipated, these races pushed the limits of physical prowess and navigation skills, challenging even the most seasoned rowers.

What made this event even more impressive was the sheer number of participants, with approximately 500 rowers from various categories and backgrounds converging to test their mettle on the coastal course. The competition was fierce, and each race was a thrilling spectacle of endurance, technique, and determination.

For Michael Azzopardi and Martina Zammit, this event was a true test of their abilities and marked the beginning of a promising coastal rowing journey. Representing their university on an international stage was an honor, and they showcased commendable dedication throughout the competition.

The University of Malta Rowing Club is excited to build upon this experience and pave the way for more coastal rowing competitions in the future. This journey into coastal rowing has not only expanded their horizons but also served as an inspiration to the entire club, fueling their passion for the sport.

If you’re intrigued by the world of rowing and want to learn more about the University of Malta Rowing Club, visit their website at umrowingclub.org for comprehensive information. You can also connect with them on their social media pages to stay updated on their rowing adventures and future events. Whether you’re a seasoned rower or a novice looking to dip your oars into the water, the UM Rowing Club welcomes all enthusiasts to join their vibrant community and embrace the challenges and thrills of coastal rowing.


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