Maltese culture and talent highlighted through magnificent floats

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Maltese culture and talent highlighted through magnificent floats

Carnival weekend in Malta and Gozo saw some ingenious creativity all over the islands, but nothing could beat the craftsmanship that went into the construction of these massive floats.

All of them themed, floats were equipped with moving parts to signify living characters, smoke and confetti blowing out of the intricate machinery and costumed performers accompanying the floats. 


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The floats are a testament to Maltese culture and the passion that goes behind this celebratory time of year. 

And the enthusiasts really went for it this year after a hiatus imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 



Summer, is that you? Hotter and sunnier weather expected this week

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Summer, is that you? Hotter and sunnier weather expected this week

According to weather forecast channels, the temperatures and weather this week are expected to be sunnier and warmer than what we experienced just days ago. 

‘It-Temp Madwarna’ Facebook weather page explained that atmospheric pressure is expected to decrease throughout the week, but the weather is set to be calm and stable with warmer temperatures. 

Despite some fog expected for night-time, forecasts indicate that the sun will shine starting Monday 20th February all the way to Friday 24th. 

However, there might be some bad news for the weekend as Saturday and Sunday are set to bring in some cloudy weather. 

According to the Malta International Airport forecast page, temperatures are set to feel like approximately 17 to even 22 degrees Celsius. 

The highest temperatures are expected to reach around 22 degrees Celsius, with the lowest being around 9 degrees Celsius. 



Puppy with broken front legs handed to Association for Abandoned Animals

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Puppy with broken front legs handed to Association for Abandoned Animals

The NGO Association for Abandond Animals took to social media to share the story of Philip, a 6 month old dog with two broken front legs.

Philip was handed to Animal Welfare and now brought to AAA sanctuary. The latter forwarded the X-Rays handed by Animal Welfare to a vet, with the clinic making space for him so he could be operated. 

‘Thank you Dr Trevor’s Clinic. Thank you for being there in all of our emergency cases and all medical issues.’

The NGO expressed frustration at the constant influx of abandonment cases. People are reportedly throwing their dogs in the streets whilst others call animal welfare and sanctuaries ‘pretending they found a dog in the streets so they don’t go to the vet when their pet gets injured and then just buying a brand new dog.’ 

‘One vicious cruel cycle’ the AAA said, condemning it. 

If you wish to support AAA Sanctuary, you can do so here:


[email protected]


Send an sms on:

50617350 €2.33
50618060 €4.66
50618910 €6.99
50619200 €11.66 

BOV Mobile:


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Clean Malta quickly on the job after Carnival celebrations

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Clean Malta, the Cleansing and Maintenance Division operating through the Tourism Ministry, were highly praised for their quick response in Valletta following the carnival celebrations. 

The division’s Ramon Deguara shared some images of division hard at work cleaning up the capital city to ensure that the next day, the festival goers will be greeted with a clean capital city! 

‘After every carnival event in Valletta and Floriana, we saw workers cleaning and washing all the zones involved in the carnival. A heartfelt thank you to all those working on these days’ he said. 


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