Maltese Cross Features In Netflix Series ‘At Home With The Furys’

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Maltese Cross Features In Netflix Series 'At Home With The Furys'

The recently released ‘At Home With The Furys’, which details heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s retirement from boxing, featured a familiar cameo for us Maltese.

During episode 7, which has Tyson Fury and his wife on vacation in Cannes France, the Maltese cross features for a brief moment as a flag flows in the air on the boat they are on. 

The flag appears behind the couple as they enjoy some food and drink together. 

Meanwhile, the series itself was massively praised by critics for its depiction on mental health, as it showed the boxer’s day to day struggles. 

This is due to Fury being diagnosed with bipolar back in 2017, with the athlete struggling with depression, anxiety and substance abuse with alcohol and cocaine. 

The nine-episode reality series, released earlier this week, follows the heavyweight world champion as he retires from boxing and embraces family life.

Did you watch ‘At Home With The Furys?’


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Artist Fixes Damaged Walls With Lego Bricks Around World

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Artist Fixes Damaged Walls With Lego Bricks Around World

A German artist, by the name of Jan Vormann, is travelling the world fixing and filling up damaged walls using lego bricks!


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The colourful replacement is popping up all over the world, as the artist, who also runs other accounts such as @dispatchwork, takes the creative liberty to embellish the abandoned infrastructure with a childhood favourite. 

Vormann also fills up the spaces with mini infrastructures, creating mini buildings in the walls being restorations. 

Would you like to see Maltese infrastructure restored using lego bricks?


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The LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Conference For EuroPride 2023

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The LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Conference For EuroPride 2023

As EuroPride Valletta draws nearer, the programme for the LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Conference has been released, offering a wide range of talks and discussions pertaining to various topics in relation to the community and other facets of life. 

‘This year, in hosting EuroPride Valletta 2023, we take advantage of Malta’s geographic location and historical standing to discuss beyond LGBTIQ+ equality in Europe. This LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Conference aims at building bridges across the Mediterranean Sea and seeks to take stock of the progress and challenges in the advancement of LGBTIQ+ rights in this geographic region.’

The programme, which begins on the 13th of September until the 15th, offers talks such as: ‘Access to Rights for LGBTIQ+ Migrants in the Asylum System’, ‘Promoting Inclusion at the Intersection of Faith & LGBTIQ+ Identities’, and ‘Activism and Resilience: LGBTIQ+ Rights in the Middle East & North Africa’. 

The conference will offer networking opportunities, artistic performances and much more! All with the goal of furthering conversation and awareness about the LGBTIQ+ community. 



Further Enforcement On Buġibba Following Public Outcry

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Further Enforcement On Buġibba Following Public Outcry

After a number of incidents and a social media public outcry, a reinforced effort on the locality of Bugibba has seen a number of authorities taking action. 

The Malta Police Force conducted further inspections in connection with irregular immigration. Assisted by the Detention Services, more than 50 individuals were checked and 17 were arrested. Their return process was immediately initiated. 

The persons arrested were taken to a Detention Centre, where an additional 37 individuals who were found during the last days are also being kept, the Malta Police Force explained. 

Meanwhile, Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo shared on social media how a conjoined effort between the Cleansing and Maintenance Division and Armed Forces of Malta is seeing more work in St Paul’s Bay, Buġibba and Qawra. 

‘The cleansing and maintenance work being done on the coast is being conducted daily and complemented by enforcement on those who break the public peace and breaking littering rules.’

‘In the past few days, Human Resources in the zone have increased to reach the residential area with further interventions to complement those done by the local council.’ 


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