Maltese comfortable at bars but not travelling during pandemic

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Maltese comfortable at bars but not travelling during pandemic

A survey published by EY Malta has revealed that most Maltese consumers are comfortable with sitting at a bar or a restaurant but many are still uneasy travelling on a plane given COVID-19. This marks the fifth edition of the future consumer survey which asked 716 participants to rank comfort levels with a list of activities given the COVID-19 pandemic. 

More than three quarters of people revealed that they were comfortable shopping in supermarkets, going to medical appointments and even allowing kids to attend school in person. Bars and restaurants are also good to go, as opposed to just two percent who expressed that they would need years before they could go to such establishments. 

Travelling however took a massive hit as only 45% said they were comfortable with air travel, with 42% saying they would go on a cruise. This is still an improvement as in July, only a quarter had said they were comfortable flying, with even fewer considering sea-based voyages. 

This survey was carried out in October and November, just before the Omicron variant forced new restrictions locally and internationally when it comes to travel. There were more impacts on daily life, with 35% of respondents saying they want to keep working more flexibly, and 53% saying they changed their perspective on life. 


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Bronze medal for Yazmin Zammit Stevens in Commonwealth IWF World Championships

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Bronze medal for Yazmin Zammit Stevens in Commonwealth IWF World Championships

The Maltese athletic scene is still beaming with skill as Yazmin Zammit Stevens brings home the bronze medal in the Commonwealth category at the IWF World Championships.

This marks Malta’s second medal at the competition overall, with Stevens winning the award in the 64kg. 

This means that Stevens has placed 13th in the entire world – ‘the best senior world champs ranking ever for Malta’.

Taking to social media, the weightlifter said that this was ‘definitely the most competitive meet I’ve ever participated in and I had the time of my life.’ 

She acknowledged there’s far more to experience and achieve, but given the award and the hard work, she wants to process this moment before moving onto her next target. 


Photo Source: yazmin.stevens IG

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Max Verstappen controversially wins first world championship

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Max Verstappen has controversially beat Lewis Hamilton at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to win his first ever drivers championship. The final race of the season lived up to it’s pre-race expectations, it was an exhilarating final race which will surely be remembered for years to come.



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Max Verstappen started the race on pole with Lewis qualifying in 2nd place, however it was the Brit that lead most of the race after a fantastic start. The first incident between the pair didn’t take long to arrive as in the first few laps Max Verstappen forced Lewis Hamiton outside of the track only for Hamilton to regain his position at 1st from outside. The first debatable decision of the race went to Lewis, as no investigations on the incident happened.

Throughout the race Lewis seemed faster than Max, but what helped Max were outside forces such as his teammate Sergio Perez and later on Nicolas Latifi. Perez helped Max massively, by going to the pits late and slowing Lewis down after the Briton’s  and Max’s  pitstop. This helped Max come only 1.8 seconds away from Hamilton, but the Mercedes was still too fast.

In the last few laps of the race when everyone thought Lewis Hamilton seemed uncatchable, a Nicolas Latifi crash forced the safety car to be deployed. This led to Verstappen going into the pits for a third time, switching his hard tires to the faster soft ones all whilst Lewis had to stay with his nearly 40 lap old tires. After the FIA controversially let all the overlapped cars between Lewis and Max pass the safety car, Max Verstappen edged out Lewis Hamilton in the final lap of the race securing his first ever driver’s championship.


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Things you need to stop doing before the start of 2022 | by Ed’s Common Sense

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The new year is almost with us and with it, left-over Christmas meals, a few resolutions and renewed sense of motivation towards life. Let us enter the new year with our priorities straight and leave all the negative thoughts behind us in what was quite a demanding 2021. This week, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Edward Curmi lets us know the things we need to stop doing before the start of 2022.

Dr. Edward Curmi is also the author of 2 self-help books titled Ed’s Common Sense.

9 signs that you are an overthinker

Stop trying to please everyone around you.

Stop being available 24/7 for people who wouldn’t go out of their way for you.

9 signs that you are an overthinker

Stop Comparing yourself to others in real life or online.

Stop getting into relationships that are obviously not good for you.

Stop caring so much about what other people think of you.

Stop thinking about your past mistakes or how you could have done things differently.

9 signs that you are an overthinker

Stop worrying about things in the future especially when you have no control over them.

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