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Maltese chef in New York City serves host of EU ministers at United Nations dinner

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On Thursday, a Maltese chef had the opportunity to serve a host of European ministers, including Maltese Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade Ian Borg and Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba at a dinner organised by the Maltese presidency in New York.

The dinner, held at the InterContinental, had chef Ruben Ruggier serve a host of political bigwigs including Malta’s own Ian Borg, Ambassador of Malta & PermRep to the UN in NY Vanessa Frazier, Ukrainian Minister Dmytro Kuleba, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and many others during Malta’s month of Presidency of the United Nations Security Council.

Prior to the high-end event, Borg had the opportunity to link up with chef Ruben, with the Minister himself visiting the chef’s kitchen before the major event during Malta’s UN Security Council Presidency.

On February 1st, Malta assumed the UN Security Council Presidency, one of the UN’s six major organs in the maintenance of international peace and security.

February’s agenda included discussions such as the cooperation between the United Nations and regional and subregional organisations and the maintenance of peace and security in Ukraine.


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“We are living through challenging times”, Ian Borg addresses UN-EU briefing at United Nations

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Malta Daily reporting LIVE from the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

On Thursday, Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade Ian Borg addressed the Security Council Briefing on Cooperation between the UN and regional and subregional organisations at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

During the intervention in his capacity as a representative of Malta, Borg stated that Malta, as a proud EU member, strongly supports enhanced cooperation between the European Union and the United Nations.

Borg explained how the European experiment that is the EU was born from the ashes of the Second World War and exemplifies the peace, stability, prosperity, and growth brought forth by multilateralism.

“In this midst, we have a responsibility to ensure that where possible regional and international organisations come together to provide that much needed convergence and collaboration,” the Minister stated.

Addressing the event, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell discussed how a rise in power politics has led to more distrust, point-scoring and vetos. The EU High Representative expressed that the price is being paid problems not solved, conflicts that fester and people left at the mercy of events.

Prior to expressing the EU’s commitment to peace and security, sustainable development and human rights, Borrell did state that we are facing a ‘global emergency’ and that the “United Nations and the multilateral systems are under threat like they never were before.”

Photo Source: Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade


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Rapper Lil Pump to perform live at Havana Club March 11th

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Rapper Lil Pump to perform live at Havana Club March 11th

The renowned ‘Gucci Gang’ rapper Lil Pump will be performing live at Havana Club Malta on the 11th of March 2023 – and the early bird tickets are already out for sale. 

Lil Pump rose to prominence in 2017 with his hit single ‘Gucci Gang’, which went on to peak at number 3 on the US Billboard Hot 100. 


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He was also certified five-times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America and has worked with Lil Wayne and various other big names. 

And he will be bringing his hit music to Malta in the heart of Paceville at the newly refurbished club Havana. This is your sign to hit up your clubbing buddies to hit the club for this not-to-miss event. 


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Here’s who is most likely to become a billionaire according to astrology

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Here's who is most likely to become a billionaire according to astrology

Using available birthdate information for the top 300 billionaires on the Forbes Billionaires 2022 rich list, the UK’s Cashlfoat ranked how common each zodiac sign was among the world’s wealthiest people. 

And even though astrology has long been widely considered to not be very scientific, it might bode well for Libra, Pisces and Taurus reading this to pay closer attention. 

That’s right – according to this data mining ‘research’, people born under the zodiac sign of Libra are the most likely to become a billionaire.

Well, more accurately, the Libra sign occurs in 12% of these billionaires, or around 32 of the world’s wealthiest. 

  • Libra – 12%
  • Pisces – 11%
  • Taurus – 10%
  • Leo – 9%
  • Aries – 8%
  • Virgo – 8%
  • Gemini – 8%
  • Aquarius – 7.5%
  • Cancer – 7.5%
  • Sagittarius – 7.5%
  • Scorpio – 6%
  • Capricorn 5.5%

They were followed by Pisces and Taurus at 11 and 10 percent respectively. Meanwhile it’s unfortunate news for Capricorn which registered the lowest ranking at 5.5%. 

However, despite being the most common sign, Libra did not feature among the 10 wealthiest billionaires. The second richest woman in the world, daughter of Walmart found Sam Walton, Sam Walton is a Libra. 

Facebook co-foudner Mark Zuckerberg is a Taurus and became the youngest self-made billionaire at the age of 23. Meanwhile, the world’s current richest man alive, Bernard Arnault, is a Pisces, the second most common zodiac sign.

And if you’re wondering, former richest man alive Elon Musk is a Cancer, which ranked in 9th place at 7.5%. What are you?


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