Maltese Chairpersonship Will Continue To Demand Russia’s Full Withdrawal From Ukraine

'What We Do For Peace Today Will Help Determine Tomorrow', Ian Borg
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Minister Ian Borg, currently presiding over the permanent council meeting of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), has outlined a comprehensive agenda highlighting key priorities and commitments.

At the forefront is addressing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, emphasizing the need for Russia’s immediate withdrawal. The resolution of protracted conflicts, particularly in Eastern Europe, is a priority, with a focus on utilizing the OSCE’s toolkit for political solutions.

Borg emphasizes supporting field operations across regions and enhancing engagement with host authorities. Ensuring the OSCE’s functionality and leadership is vital, with a call for collaboration on a solid Unified Budget and ensuring durable leadership beyond September 4th, 2024.

The inclusive approach to security involves mainstreaming gender and engaging youth in discussions. Collaboration with other multilateral institutions, particularly Malta’s parallel Chairpersonship of the OSCE and its UN Security Council membership, is crucial for promoting peace and security.

Efforts against cyber threats, transnational threats, bridging digital divides, and climate cooperation are also highlighted. Commitments to human rights, democracy, and the rule of law are reiterated, including initiatives on media literacy, safety of journalists, and combating violence against women and human trafficking.

The agenda commemorates milestones, reflecting on principles, and maintaining principled engagement across dimensions. Strengthening the resilience of the organization is a fundamental goal for a secure and peaceful future. Ian Borg’s agenda demonstrates a commitment to addressing diverse challenges and fostering collaboration for a more secure world.

Here are the aims in more detail:

Commitment to Addressing Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine:

– Keeping Russia’s illegal war of aggression against Ukraine at the top of the OSCE agenda.

– Demanding Russia’s full, unconditional, and immediate withdrawal from Ukraine.

Resolution of Protracted Conflicts:

– Prioritising the OSCE’s role in resolving protracted conflicts across the region.

– Using the OSCE’s toolkit and expertise to facilitate political solutions in Eastern Europe, particularly mentioning the Transdniestrian Settlement Process and the South Caucasus.

Support for Field Operations:

– Providing support to OSCE Field Operations in Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

– Strengthening engagement with host authorities and supporting work in the field to enhance national capacities.

Ensuring OSCE’s Functionality and Leadership:

– Emphasising the need for a sustainable and predictable future for the organisation.

– Urging collaboration for consensus on a solid Unified Budget.

Ensuring durable leadership beyond September 4th, 2024.

Inclusive Approach to Security:

– Incorporating an inclusive approach to security by mainstreaming gender and engaging youth in discussions.

Collaboration with Other Multilateral Institutions:

– Building on Malta’s parallel Chairpersonship of the OSCE and elected membership of the UN Security Council.

– Identifying synergies between the OSCE and the UN in promoting peace and security.

Addressing Cyber Threats and Transnational Threats:

– Renewing efforts to strengthen resilience against cyber threats.

– Addressing transnational threats and promoting compliance with conventional arms control commitments.

Bridging Digital Divides and Promoting Climate Cooperation:

– Paying attention to bridging digital divides and promoting wider access to digital technologies and skills.

– Pursuing closer cooperation on climate resilience, adaptation, and mitigation.

Commitment to Human Rights, Democracy, and Rule of Law:

– Calling on participating States to honour their commitments and inviting ODIHR to observe elections.

– Standing against any form of exploitation of the weak by the strong.

Initiatives on Media Literacy and Safety of Journalists:

– Pushing forward initiatives on media literacy and the safety of journalists, especially female journalists, both online and offline.

Combating Violence Against Women and Human Trafficking:

– Actively engaging in efforts to combat violence against women and trafficking in human beings.

Honouring and Sustaining Strategic Vision:

– Honouring and sustaining the strategic vision, including hosting the Mediterranean Conference, building on the principle of no European security without Mediterranean security.

Commemorating Milestones and Reflecting on Principles:

– Recognising and commemorating Malta’s milestones of 60 years as an independent nation, 50 years as a Republic, and 20 years as a member of the European Union.

– Emphasising the need for the organisation to remain anchored in principles and commitments agreed upon 50 years ago.

Maintaining Principled Engagement Across Dimensions:

– Maintaining the organisation’s principled engagement across the three dimensions of its comprehensive approach to security.

Strengthening Resilience of the Organisation:

– Leaving no stone unturned in strengthening the resilience of the organisation and its people for a secure and peaceful future.


Photo Source: MFET

You Can Win A Six Hour Space Trip With Oreo’s New Space Dunks

You Can Win A Six Hour Space Trip With Oreo's New Space Dunks
Jan 25 2024 Share

Oreo started off the new year with a bold step of coming out with a new colourful limited-edition flavour inspired by the cosmic colours of the galaxy.

Lift off date of January 23rd Oreo launched their new flavour called Space Dunk. Each cookie is stuffed with layers of blue and pink “cosmic crème” with a marshmallow flavour, and with a surprise of popping candy mixed inside keeping you at the edge of your seat.

The new Space Dunk cookies don’t just feature a whole “otherworldly” flavour but the biscuit itself consists of five never-before-seen galactic embossments too.

Furthermore, the company also claims that there is a small cut out in the cookie itself allowing fans to see the colourful cream behind the outer shell. As the brand’s websites states, the galactic cutout designs consist of a Telescope, Astronaut, Stargaze, Shooting Star and Rocket.

If you were wondering where Oreo came up with the idea of settling for this out of world concept, they did so by partnering with Space Perspective – the world’s first carbon-neutral spaceflight experience company, which aims to make space travel accessible for all.


Cold and Windy Weekend Ahead, But Not Storms!

Cold and Windy Weekend Ahead, But Not Storms!
Jan 25 2024 Share

You may not be rushing to the beach this coming weekend, but at least no storms are being forecasted for this upcoming weekend. 

According to the Malta International Airport’s Weather report, the majority of the weekend is set to be either partly or mainly cloudy. 

Temperatures are set to be as low as 10 degrees Celsius by Sunday 28th January, dropping even to 9 degrees Celsius by Monday. 

For today, in fact, a wind warning has been issued due to strong winds hitting the island. 


Photo Source: Kenneth Galea (It-Temp Madwarna)

Increase Of Over 10,000 Foreign Workers In 8 Months

Increase Of Over 10,000 Foreign Workers In 8 Months
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As of August 2023, Malta employed a total of 107,406 foreign workers, marking a significant increase of 10,436 international employees in just eight months, according to information presented in Parliament. 

The revelation came in response to a parliamentary question posed by Bernice Bonello of the PN to Finance and Employment Minister Clyde Caruana, seeking data on foreign workers over the past 13 years and their respective industries.

Comparing figures, in December 2022, Malta had 96,970 foreign workers, showing a substantial growth of over 25% from the previous year when 76,395 foreigners were employed. 

Administrative and Support Service Activities led in August 2023 with 16,792 foreign workers, an increase from 15,977 eight months earlier. 

The Accommodation and Food Service Activities Industry followed closely with 15,200 workers, up by approximately 2,000 from the previous eight months. Other notable sectors employing foreign workers included Construction (10,581), Repairs of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles (10,366), Scientific and Technical Activities, Arts and Entertainment, and Manufacturing.

The data reflects a substantial rise in foreign workers in Malta over the years, with the total number increasing by 95,068 from 2011 to 2023, when the count was 12,338.