Maltese AI creator pays tribute to island’s historic workers

Maltese AI creator pays tribute to island's historic workers
May 4 2023 Share

Right off the back of Worker’s Day, local creator @malta.ai paid tribute to the various workers who populated the islands and made it what it is today. 

‘From the fields to the factories, from the mines to the docks, the workers of Malta have always been the backbone of our society’ the artificially generated images were captioned. 


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‘Today, we recognise and thank them for their invaluable contributions’, they wrote, showcasing beautiful images of various labourers from across the island’s history. 

Donning traditional clothing and wielding the various tools of their respective guilds and jobs, the figures take the viewer back some few hundred years to reimagine what life would have looked like for us Maltese.

What do you make of these images?


Arnold Cassola instigated to suicide by fake Facebook account

Arnold Cassola instigated to suicide by fake Facebook account
May 4 2023 Share

Posting to social media, politician and activist Arnold Cassola revealed a personal message he received by a fake Facebook account instigating him to commit suicide.

Cassola posted a screenshot of the message sent by one Herculis Silucreh, how insulted Cassola by telling him that he has nothing else better to do other than ‘picking on people’.

Mocking him for ‘not achieving the same level of success’ as the people he was criticising, he urged Cassola to buy a rope and end it all. 

‘You don’t know what to do with your life’, said the fake account, going on to levy further insults at him. Cassola wrote on social media as a photo caption; ‘Instigation to suicide. The new culture of modern, progressive Malta.’


European car tour? Italy could work on Sicily-Italy bridge

European car tour? Italy could work on Sicily-Italy bridge
May 4 2023 Share

The age old dream (and we really do mean old, as it goes back to Roman Empire times) of building a bridge between mainland Italy to Sicily might soon become a reality. 

The massive engineering project might be realised after a decree passed by Georgia Meloni’s government last month following the plan’s revival by Transport Minister Matteo Salvini. 

The bridge would be built across the Straits of Messina and would span 3.2 kilometres and would be the longest suspension bridge in the world. 

Back in 2006, the bid to build a bridge was awarded to a consortium led by an Italian Firm now called WeBuild. However, the plans collapsed after the government of Berlusconi fell and the next Prime Minister Romano Prodi deemed it a waste of money and a risk.

The cost of the project is estimated at around €4.5 billion for the bridge and €6.75 billion for the infrastructure to support it. However, both geography and the involvement of the mafia present significant problems to the project.

The Strait of Messina is situated along a fault line where a 7.1 earthquake killed more 100,000 people in 1908, and remains the deadliest recorded seismic event in Europe to date. 

So it remains to be seen whether the Maltese can pack their bags and hop into their vehicles for a Europe tour via the bridge. The project is ambitious at best and it could be a while before, if, it happens. 


Cristiano Ronaldo tops Forbes’ highest paid athletes list

Cristiano Ronaldo tops Forbes' highest paid athletes list
May 4 2023 Share

Following his move to Saudi Arabian team Al-Nassr, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has just topped the Forbes highest paid athletes list for 2023. 

Boasting an estimated $75 million playing salary as well as additional payments through marketing opportunities, the former Manchester United player joined Al-Nassr last January. 

However, rumours are currently spreading that he might try to head back to Europe by this summer, despite his recent joining moving him up the earnings list for the first time since 2017. 

Forbes estimates that the 38-year-old player has earned $136 million from both on-and-off field revenue this past year. Following close behind in second place is Lionel Messi, with a staggering $130 million of his own.

The top 5 are rounded out by Kylian Mbappe ($120 million), LeBron James ($119.5 million) and boxing star Canelo Alvarez ($110 million).