MaltaToday December survey shows PL maintains majority over PN

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MaltaToday’s December survey shows that Labour Party’s support dropped three points to reach 36.4% whilst the Nationalist Party registered a four-point gain to hit 24.2%.

This means that if an election was to be held, the Labour Party would win with a margin of 12.2% which is close to a 1% difference from the General Elections held this year.

Robert Abela has once again seen his trust rating increase and now stands at 47.8%. On the other hand Bernard Grech increased his trust by almost four points to 22%.

The survey shows that if an election was to be held tomorrow, 22.2% of the population would not vote while 13.2% of the voters do not know who to vote for.

MaltaToday explained that this survey was carried out between 22nd November and 1st December 2022. 650 respondents opted to complete the survey and the estimated margin of error is 4.2%.



Bjorn and Maria celebrate their 6 year anniversary

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Bjorn and Maria, yesterday celebrated 6 years of marriage.

Posting on social media Bjorn Formosa said that since the day they got married, he never imagined where life would take them. He explained that it certainly wasn’t easy and “I assure you that life is not all roses… On the contrary!”

On Facebook, Bjorn opened up on what he is going through whilst battling ALS saying that “the more the disease worsened and I became practically completely paralysed, the more I felt restricted and unable, the more I contribute to this relationship because I can barely stand up from the bottom of the bed I’m in.”

He went on to praise Maria describing her as a woman who is small in stature “but with a big heart” and someone who always stayed there and never left his side.

Happy anniversary from all of us at Malta Daily!



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A group of pro-life youths voiced their concerns about changes to the abortion law

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A group of pro-life youths carried out an action of solidarity with the pro-life movement.

The youths put together a number of prams and pushchairs in front of Castille, with messages of ‘TOQTOLNIX’ to express their opposition to the Government’s proposal to amend the abortion law.

Speaking about the initiative, ‘Inti tista’ ssalvani’ said that this action took place to remind the people that the “Government is introducing this amendment during Christmas time, at a time when families are preparing to spend time in each other’s company and when we celebrate life. It is worth noting that the Government does not have a mandate to introduce abortion, against which there are over 80 academics, 44 organisations, 450 doctors and over 22,000 people who are all demand that Government changes its position.”

They appealed to the Government to accept the clause and the recommendations of the 80 academics, “as it is the version that safeguards both the mother’s and the baby’s life.”



‘Fit-triq bla biża’ – Reclaim the night’

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Every year, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, people come together to raise awareness on the violence which women experience in its many physical, sexual and psychological forms.

This violence encompasses street harassment, cyber harassment, psychological abuse, unwanted sexual advances, rape, femicide, human trafficking, child marriage and female genital mutilation.

This year the march to Reclaim the Night (Fit-Triq bla Biża’), took place for the first time in Malta. The march sent a strong message to show resistance and demand the right to move safely in public spaces.

During this event, stories about personal experiences of women and the daily violence faced, were shared.

Speaking about this event Moviment Graffitti said that this was a strong reminder of the power of solidarity. “We would like to thank everyone who showed up to affirm their belief that the streets should be a safe place at any time of the day, regardless of one’s gender or what one is wearing.”

Moviment Graffitti thanked all the speakers of the night as well as guest performers including Mary Santoro, Alexandra Alden, JOON and Tina Camilleri.