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Malta’s youths come together for environmental fair organised by National Youth Council

Malta's youths come together for environmental fair organised by National Youth Council
May 15 2023 Share

On Saturday 13th May, Malta’s National Youth Council KNŻ put together an environmental fair titled EcoXperience, bringing together youths between the ages of 13 and 35 for a sustainable rendez-vous unlike any other!

EcoXperience was at Romeo Romano Gardens in St. Venera, aimed at providing the general public, especially youths, a highly interactive space where they could explore various facets of the environment around them. The hope was that the event serves as a catalyst for change in the public’s mentality about sustainability: that environmentalism was no longer just about the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle litany we had all been used to.

The fair hosted a number of entities with a passion for sustainability, including various companies and environmental organisations. Aside from these, spaces were allocated for a number of activities such as thrift shops, artisanal vendors, and panel discussions tackling various current affairs regarding the sector.

Keynote speeches were given by Hon. Miriam Dalli, CEO of Project Green Mr. Steve Ellul, CEO of Aġenzija Żgħażagħ Ms. Miriam Teuma and Deputy Director of Environment & Resources at ERA Mr. Darrin Stevens. Three panel discussions were held throughout the event covering the topics of Circular Economy and ESGs, Agriculture and Food Security and Modal Shift and Sustainable Transport. Additionally, a number of artists performed at the event.

During the event a number of companies and eNGOs held stands related to sustainability and the environment. These include Birdlife Malta, Saving Our Blue, S-Cubed, Nadur Nadif, ROTA, Coast is Clear, Sharklab, YES Europe Malta and ESA. Sweet Bakes, Thrift.mt and Ikkuluriti were also present to make the event an interactive family-friendly experience.

This project was in collaboration with ERA, Project Green, BOV and BNF Bank plc.


French catholic priests to wear QR code to check for clerical status

French catholic priests to wear QR code to check for clerical status
May 15 2023 Share

Catholic priests in France are to reportedly be made wear traffic-light coded identification tags which allow the public to check whether they may have faced sex abuse charges.

The cards will feature a QR code which can be scanned by a mobile phone, and will light up in either red, orange or green depending on whether the holder has lost their clerical status. 

The scheme was announced by the Bishop’s Conference of France last Wednesday, and will ‘allow easier identification of priests able to lead mass and hear confessions.’ 

The initiative aims at protecting church-goers and other worshippers from sexual abuse, following a recent bout of revelations in regards to clerical abuse. 

A red light would indicate that a priest has been stripped of their status and cannot perform various clerical duties, whereas orange lights will indicate that a priest has limited powers. 

Despite causing a mini revolution within the French Catholic Church when announced, an ID card for bishops and priests isn’t an entirely new idea. 

French Catholic Church clergy have always had what is known as a ‘celebret’, a paper documenting their profession. However, this was deemed too falsifiable and many priests are now opting for a digital version. 


Top ways to invest your windfall in Malta

Top ways to invest your windfall in Malta
May 15 2023 Share

Malta is no stranger to having a high number of money individuals. Whether someone obtains their huge sum of money through inheritance, business success, or a legal settlement, the goal is always to maintain that money for the long term.

In this article, we will discuss the best ways to invest your windfall in Malta. But, what exactly is a windfall?

What is a windfall?

A windfall is generally defined as an unexpected financial gain. Windfall gains, or unexpected financial gains, can include winning the lottery. This is especially true in the case of big jackpots.

Experiencing a sudden increase in asset values like stocks or real estate is another kind of windfall. Windfall profits also arise unexpectedly in markets due to unexpected demand or government regulation; for businesses this can happen through sudden changes in market structure due to an executive order from government, court ruling, or dramatic shift in trade policy – however unpredictable or unanticipated they may be.

Windfall gains are usually unexpected and present challenges in terms of managing cash flow. So, after receiving such an unexpected windfall, take a deep breath and assess your financial situation carefully – depending on its size, you may consider seeking the support of a financial advisor who can help you to make the most of it.

What is the best way to invest your windfall in Malta?

Malta offers a breathtaking view that many consider to be the closest thing to paradise. The mesmerising white sand that aligns with the picturesque sea is a testament to nature’s splendour at its finest. Not only does Malta have an active nightlife and world-class entertainment, but it also features beautifully designed homes that cater to those who seek perfection. The Maltese government set out to attract individuals of this status, and they have undoubtedly succeeded.

Investing in Maltese citizenship is one of the most popular ways to invest in the country. Those who meet the criteria can apply for citizenship, which many affluent individuals see as an investment in their family’s future. Before considering an individual, strict rules and regulations are carefully reviewed. During the evaluation period, the applicant must reside in Malta and make significant investments. If the applicant has lived in Malta for at least three years, the investment amount is a minimum of €600,000.

Invest in real estate

Malta’s real estate market is highly sought after, drawing in investors with deep pockets for development, construction, and luxurious living projects. Residential or commercial purchases made here can prove lucrative investments; multi-millionaires and billionaires reside here. Diversifying one’s portfolio by investing in real estate, fin-tech, tourism, and maritime industries can be an intelligent move when applying for citizenship in Malta. The country continues to draw a large amount of money citizens, creating new investment opportunities.

Before investing in real estate, it is crucial to take several factors into account, including property location, valuation, investment purpose, and investment horizon. Real estate investments come in various forms, from buying and leasing short-term buying and selling, long-term buying/selling, and

quality control checks for furniture/fixtures/equipment included with the sale. However, real estate investments require significant work, while regulatory barriers increase its risks, length, and costs, with serious ramifications on housing affordability. Therefore, it is crucial to recognise geographic variations in regulation stringency and select jurisdictions where one will work.

Investment in real estate can be an excellent way to grow a large sum of money, yet buying a single-family home for a living might not always be prudent due to rising inflation and prices. When buying property as an investment, it is crucial that only exceptional properties sell below their true market value and that the buyer can pay cash or make flexible payment arrangements, with an exit strategy in mind for most cases based on local markets and tax implications. Of course, it is needless to say that the best way to grow your large amount of money is to diversify.


A windfall, if managed right, provides the means to achieve goals and secure a financial future. Once one receives a sizable sum through, it is essential to carefully consider how to protect and grow that capital for long-term growth. Malta provides numerous investment options to those seeking to put their windfall to use, including citizenship or real estate investments. Professional advice should always be sought prior to investing large sums of money successfully.


Man in critical condition after inhaling toxic fumes in well

Man in critical condition after inhaling toxic fumes in well
May 15 2023 Share

Yesterday, at around 1115hrs, police were informed that their assistance was needed after a man fainted in a well in a field in the area known as tal-Ħofra in the limits of Ħ’Attard. 

Police convened immediately on site along with the Civil Protection Department and a medical team, and started to work on rescuing the man. 

Preliminary investigations showed that the man, whose identity is not yet confirmed, was working in the well and most likely inhaled toxic fumes, with the consequence of fainting. 

The victim was taken to Mater Dei Hospital, and he was confirmed to have been in serious condition. 

An inquiry has been opened, with police and the authority for health and safety on the workplace investigating.