Malta’s Women Team Are Ready To Face Portugal Today

Malta's Women Team Are Ready To Face Portugal Today
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Malta’s women’s football team is ready to face Portugal today at 18:30hrs at the Centenary Stadium in what promises to be an exciting UEFA Women’s EURO 2025 Qualifier match.

The national team’s coach Manuela Tesse revealed during a press conference that she is excited about the prospect of hosting Portugal in the second Women’s Euro 2025 qualifier.

The team is urging supporters to make their way to the stadium with flags and colours and to let their cheers echo through the entire stadium.

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Pavements Belong To Citizens: Stickers Pop Up Around Malta

Pavements Belong To Citizens: Stickers Pop Up Around Malta
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Residents in villages and towns across Malta are taking action against the blocking of pavements by restaurant tables and chairs, using a novel approach to highlight their concerns. Stickers bearing messages like ‘pavements for citizens’ or ‘no pavement, no vote’ are being placed on public spaces encroached upon by restaurant setups.

These stickers have appeared in several areas including Valletta, Sliema, Mellieħa, Marsascala, and Buġibba in recent days.

Moviment Graffitti has coordinated this campaign, with Ruth Mercieca from the NGO emphasizing that residents are taking matters into their own hands after feeling ignored and neglected by authorities.

The initiative follows a demonstration in Valletta where residents protested against encroachment in the capital city. Similar issues have been observed across Malta and Gozo, with concerns raised by the archpriest of Victoria about restaurant expansion infringing on public spaces.

Moviment Graffitti, in a Facebook post, condemned the “invasion” of public spaces, criticizing authorities like the Planning Authority, Lands Authority, and Tourism Authority for turning a blind eye to the chaos and inconvenience caused to residents.

Mercieca clarified that the sticker campaign is the first step in planned actions and reiterated that they are not opposed to outdoor social spaces but are fighting against abuse and the lack of enforcement of residents’ rights to safe public access.


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Supervisor Claims He Was Ordered To Certify Un-Road Worthy Buses

Supervisor Claims He Was Ordered To Certify Un-Road Worthy Buses
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Claudio Cutajar, a supervisor responsible for certifying the roadworthiness of route buses at Malta Public Transport (MPT), voiced serious concerns in a judicial protest on Tuesday. He disclosed that the situation at MPT was so alarming that he would not allow his own son to use the buses due to safety issues. Cutajar alleged that he faced threats after refusing to certify buses as roadworthy when they were not.

Having joined MPT in July 2020 with extensive experience in the field, Cutajar highlighted a pivotal meeting led by the new director, Hector Astorga, where workers were warned about the company’s financial struggles due to bus damages and spare part demands. This resulted in skilled workers leaving, leaving the maintenance team understaffed and unable to keep up with necessary repairs.

Cutajar detailed instances where he was pressured to certify buses with significant damages, compromising passenger safety. Despite facing warnings and fabricated disciplinary actions, he remained steadfast in upholding safety standards.

Accusing MPT of fabricating accusations against him to justify dismissal, Cutajar emphasized that his actions were driven by a commitment to upholding traffic laws and ensuring passenger safety.

In response, Cutajar’s lawyers, Jason Azzopardi and Kris Busietta, urged MPT to stop spreading misinformation and hold the company accountable for damages caused. Cutajar’s protest sheds light on systemic issues within MPT, revealing compromised safety practices and mistreatment of employees.

Malta Public Transport Statement 

In a public statement, Malta Public Transport categorically denies any allegations with regard to the safety of the bus fleet, ‘as recently raised in a judicial protest filed by Mr. Claudio Cutajar who is currently facing disciplinary charges for gross misconduct in relation to breach of procedures.’

‘The safety of our passengers, of our employees and of all road users, is our top priority, and we have never and will never compromise on this fundamental aspect. Our company has strict procedures in place, that are based on our extensive international experience, to ensure the safety and security of our buses and everyone on board. The company would never allow buses that are not roadworthy to be put on the road.’

‘It is unfortunate that while we strive to continuously improve the quality of our service through controls and procedures, we are encountering such resistance, which has in fact resulted in the disciplinary process against Mr Cutajar, for breach of our procedures.’

‘Malta Public Transport will be initiating legal action against Mr. Cutajar, since it is left with no choice but to defend its reputation against baseless allegations. We are confident that our records and evidence that will be presented in court, will prove that these allegations are false.’

‘We would like to assure the public that our quality control procedures are robust, and we are proud to be ISO certified on both quality and safety standards. Our buses undergo regular inspections and servicing every 35 days as part of our preventive maintenance policy, ensuring that they meet the necessary safety requirements amongst others. Furthermore, our buses are subject to independent roadworthiness tests and to additional inspections and checks done by the Authority for Transport in Malta.’


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Nationalist Party Statement

The Nationalist Party expressed concern over the supervisor’s claims, highlighting the substantial taxpayer subsidies to the bus service operator and stressing the paramount importance of passenger safety. Mark Anthony Sammut, shadow minister for transport, emphasized the urgent need for regulatory authorities to conduct thorough and frequent inspections of buses in response to these serious allegations.

Sammut underscored the government’s responsibility to ensure that contracted operators adhere to legal requirements and maintain the highest safety standards in bus operations, prioritizing the well-being of passengers who rely on public transportation services. The statement reaffirms the Nationalist Party’s commitment to holding the bus service operator accountable and advocating for stringent oversight to protect public safety.


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ISIS Threatens Attack On Champions League Matches Stadiums

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According to various news platforms, Spanish police have confirmed that the Islamic State issued a chilling threat to all 4 Champions League quarter-finals ahead of Real Madrid’s clash with Manchester City on Tuesday night.

ISIS released a threat on Monday against all four stadiums, including Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium and Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu.

The threat was issued through the Al Azaim foundation, which is often responsible for spreading messages from the terrorist organisation.

The poster includes the message ‘KILL THEM ALL’ alongside the names of all four stadiums hosting matches.

Security has thusly been boosted in the Spanish capital as two of the games are set to be played.

Spanish authorities says that “in terms of preventing the terrorist threat, the State Security Forces and Bodies have activated all their early warning and protection systems, as well as all their response mechanisms ready and willing.”

The National Police and Civil Guard are set to carry out a surveillance operation with over 2000 agents over the next 24 hours.

This comes less than 3 weeks after Islamic State attacked Crocus City Concert Hall in Moscow, killing 143 people and injuring around 200.