Malta’s Tourism Plan is making international headlines

 - COVID-19 - Apr 12
Malta’s Tourism Plan is making international headlines

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo’s latest roadmap to jumpstart the Maltese economy following the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact is making international rounds with news portals such as the Sun sharing the scheme on their platform. The news highlights Malta’s plan to pay tourists visiting Malta up to €200 for booking at least two nights at a local hotel and vacationing on the island. Those who book hotels in Gozo will get an extra 10%.

With popular holiday destinations struggling to maintain commerce from tourism in these difficult times, Malta seems to have stood out with its innovative tourist attraction method. Malta had 2.7 million visitors in 2019, but 2020 saw an immense decrease. The new plan hopes to encourage as many as 35,000 tourists to return to the island.


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