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Malta’s New President Pledges Unity and Progress in Stirring Inaugural Speech

Apr 4 2024 Share

In a riveting inaugural address that captivated the nation, Malta’s newly appointed President, Myriam Spiteri Debono, outlined her vision for the future, emphasizing unity, progress, and a dedication to the welfare of all Maltese citizens.

Addressing the nation for the first time, President Spiteri Debono expressed gratitude to the parliamentarians who nominated and supported her appointment, heralding her selection as a testament to the democratic spirit of the Maltese people. From the outset, she underscored the weight of responsibility accompanying her elevation to the highest office in the land, pledging to uphold the constitutional principles that form the bedrock of the Maltese Republic.

Malta daily Facebook 970x90

Echoing the sentiments of her predecessors, President Spiteri Debono emphasised the evolving role of the presidency in championing the cause of vulnerable communities and fostering national unity. She hailed the recent constitutional amendments requiring bipartisan consensus for presidential appointments as a crucial step towards nurturing dialogue and compromise in Malta’s political landscape.

In a stirring call for societal cohesion, President Spiteri Debono emphasised the importance of embracing diversity and extending a welcoming hand to immigrants seeking refuge in Malta. She urged Maltese citizens to go beyond mere tolerance, advocating for genuine understanding and solidarity with those less fortunate.

Moreover, President Spiteri Debono highlighted the imperative of nurturing the next generation of Maltese leaders, emphasising the importance of instilling civic virtues and a love for the nation from an early age. She underscored the role of education in fostering a deep appreciation for Malta’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty.

Turning her attention to global affairs, President Spiteri Debono reaffirmed Malta’s commitment to promoting peace and stability on the world stage. She pledged to leverage Malta’s diplomatic influence, particularly as the current Chairperson of the OSCE, to advance the cause of international harmony and cooperation.

In a poignant moment, President Spiteri Debono addressed the unresolved wounds stemming from past tragedies, including the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. She called for healing and closure, emphasizing the need for justice and accountability to move Malta forward.

In a nod to her Gozitan roots, President Spiteri Debono pledged to bridge the gap between Malta and Gozo, ensuring that the presidency remains accessible and attuned to the needs of all Maltese citizens.

As she concluded her impassioned speech, President Spiteri Debono issued a rallying cry for national solidarity, urging political leaders to prioritise Malta’s welfare above partisan interests. 

With unwavering resolve, she vowed to lead Malta towards a brighter future, characterised by unity, prosperity, and dignity for all.



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Harsh Reality of Malta’s Abandoned Dogs Revealed by AAA

Harsh Reality of Malta's Abandoned Dogs Revealed by AAA
Apr 4 2024 Share

Malta’s Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) recently highlighted the distressing situation of dogs rescued from another breeding station, emphasising their poor condition and the ongoing cycle of abuse.

The organisation raises several critical questions, including the lack of arrests of animal abusers, the delay in introducing breeding laws, and the uncertain future of the rescued dogs.

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In the recent Facebook post, AAA pointed to a specific case from a year ago in Msida, where pitbulls were taken from an abusive situation only to end up isolated in private kennels without proper care, training, or medical procedures such as neutering or spaying.

Furthermore, these animals remained legally connected to their previous abusers. The association stresses that the real victims are the animals and insists on the need for stringent enforcement against abusers and the implementation of supportive legislation to truly break the cycle of abuse and make any rescue operation meaningful.

What do you make of this situation?


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Michelin Guide Reveals Malta’s 2024 Selection Including Two Michelin Star Restaurant

Michelin Guide Reveals Malta's 2024 Selection Including Two Michelin Star Restaurant
Apr 4 2024 Share

The MICHELIN Guide Malta 2024 was unveiled today, showcasing the best culinary experiences across Malta and Gozo. With 40 restaurants featured in this year’s edition, the guide highlights the exceptional quality and diversity of the Maltese culinary scene.

Among these, a remarkable milestone was achieved with the introduction of Malta’s first-ever Two MICHELIN Star restaurant, ION Harbour, setting a new benchmark for dining excellence on the islands.

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Accompanying ION Harbour in the constellation of starred establishments are six One MICHELIN Star restaurants: Noni, De Mondion, Bahia, Under Grain, Fernandõ Gastrotheque, and Rosamì.

These restaurants have been recognized for their unique culinary contributions, offering a range of flavours and experiences that reflect both the tradition and innovation of Maltese cuisine. The MICHELIN Guide Malta 2024 not only celebrates the island’s gastronomic achievements but also serves as an invitation for locals and visitors alike to explore the rich tapestry of tastes that Malta and Gozo have to offer.

Malta’s 2024 Michelin Guide is as follows:

2 Stars:

ION Harbour by Simon Rogan, Valletta

1 Star: 

Noni, Valletta
De Mondion Mdina
Bahia Balzan
Under Grain Valletta
Fernandõ Gastrotheque Sliema
Rosamì, St. Julian’s

Bib Gourmand:

Rubino, Valletta
AYU, Gzira
Grain Street, Valletta
Commando, Mellieħa
Terrone, Birgu

Selected Restaurants:

The Golden Fork, Rabat
Terroir, Attard
The Harbour Club Valletta
Rebekah’s Mellieħa
Zest, St. Julian’s
One80 St.Christopher Street, Valletta
The Fork and Cork, Rabat
Aaron’s Kitchen, Valletta
Kaiseki, Valletta
Giuseppi’s, Naxxar
Root 81, Rabat
Tmun, Għajnsielem
Tartarun, Marsaxlokk
Grotto Tavern, Rabat
AKI, Valletta
LOA, St Paul’s Bay
Briju, Gzira
The Medina, Mdina
Level Nine by Oliver Glowig, Mgarr
Al Sale, Xagħra


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ION Harbour Claims Malta’s First Two Michelin Stars

Apr 4 2024 Share

ION Harbour in Valletta has become the first restaurant in Malta to earn two Michelin stars. This is a huge deal for foodies and restaurateurs on the island because it shows that Malta is becoming a hotspot of culinary excellence.

ION Harbour is run by Chef Simon Rogan, who is famous for his restaurant L’Enclume in the UK, which has three Michelin stars. At ION Harbour, visitors can expect top-notch service and food that is both creative and new. This restaurant is not just about eating; it’s an experience that matches the historic and beautiful setting of Valletta.

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Another restaurant, Rosamì, has also made a splash by earning its first Michelin star. Rosamì is led by Chef Cliff Borg and offers four different menus named Steam, Petal, Bulb, and Leaf. Each menu offers modern dishes with flavours from around the world. It’s a great place for anyone looking to try something new and exciting.

The MICHELIN Guide for Malta in 2024 now includes 40 restaurants. There’s one with two Michelin stars, six with one star, five with a Bib Gourmand (which means they offer good food at affordable prices), and 28 that are recommended for a visit.

The guide is a big thumbs up to Malta’s food scene, showing that the island has great places to eat for every type of food lover. A big congratulations to ION Harbour, Rosamì, and all the restaurants that have been recognised this year. They are making Malta a more delicious place to visit.


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