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Malta’s Luke Mizzi is South Africa bound after winning Red Bull Dance Competition

Malta's Luke Mizzi is South Africa bound after winning Red Bull Dance Competition
Sep 12 2021 Share

Malta and The MVMT’s Luke Mizzi will be heading to the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final in Johannesburg, South Africa after taking home the crown in Malta’s edition of the dance competition. Mizzi put on a stellar performance against many other talented dancers, some of which from his very own dance collective.

Starting off with 16 dancers, each individual went head to head with an opponent, with only one of which going through to the subsequent quarter finals, semi-finals and finals before claiming the prestigious title and the ticket to Johannesburg to represent Malta at the global edition of the competition.

The final selection came down to the popular vote with Mizzi claiming the majority, winning the competition and celebrating with his friends and fellow performers. A well-deserved win for the freestyle dancer and teacher who will undoubtedly make Malta proud in his South Africa showing in December.

Well done Luke!


Politicians can party… and that’s OK.

Sep 11 2021 Share

Okay so, bare with us for a moment. Malta’s political scene is a rollercoaster of controversial events where every day welcomes a new headline in the ever-turbulent media world. However, while there never really is a dull moment in Malta’s political scene, the public’s hunger to tear down politicians of their opposing party may occasionally go too far. Now the argument isn’t whether or not the criticism of Rosianne Cutajar’s Mykonos trip is appropriate or unjust, but a question of whether we have blurred the lines of what is unacceptable and what is normal.

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Rosianne Cutajar is a 33-year-old Member of Parliament who was spotted celebrating her birthday in a Mykonos beach club. The video has since gained close to 80,000 views with some arguing that the trip and subsequent video is “a breach of an MP’s code of ethics” and others stating that it is simply an adult enjoying her birthday. The MP has since told Lovin Malta that she is not embarrassed by the video and is humbled by the hundreds of comments speaking in her favour.

Now we as citizens have the right the duty to call out politicians for inappropriate behaviour, mismanagement of funds, profanity, bigotry, corruption or any indecent behaviour which subsequently effects the population that they supposedly represent, but is the aggressive criticism of Cutajar’s trip a sign that we may have lost the plot?

Beyond the argument of politicians’ behaviour beyond Parliament walls, do we really want a troupe of stiff, super-formal politicians who distance themselves from everything that makes them normal? Or do actions like Cutajar’s Mykonos trip make her more relatable and accessible to the younger population?

The answer goes beyond a simple yes or no but puts a weight on one’s shoulders to ask the appropriate questions before criticising and while we may never really escape from this politically turbulent landscape, we truly should be asking questions before giving answers.

…but yes Rosianne, you really should work on those dance moves. 😅🕺


Here are some of the submissions from TVM’s logo competition

Here are some of the submissions from TVM's logo competition
Sep 11 2021 Share

Whether it is art, music, sport, design or anything in between, many of talented local artists’ work often go unseen and after the attention surrounding the recent change in brand identity of the country’s national television station, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at some of the alternative designs proposed by talented local graphic designers.

The local graphic design community reportedly proposed a number of ideas to TVM, some of which to no response whatsoever, with particular ideas being a complete switch-up from the current designs. A particular graphic designer expressed that he thinks Malta’s design community is not appreciated enough.


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TVM’s new logos generated a significant number of controversial reactions, many of which not being impressed and some even stating that kindergarten students would have done a better job of the logo.

What do you think of the logos? Which one is your favourite?


Guess which country regained its top spot in Malta’s travel market

Guess which country regained its top spot in Malta's travel market
Sep 11 2021 Share

The Malta International Airport has published travel figures which reveal that the United Kingdom has outperformed Italy with regards to tourism and regain its top spot in Malta’s travel market for the first time since April 2020.

By the numbers, 407,435 passengers travelled via the airport in August, which is around half of the traffic experienced in August 2019, potentially due to the effect of Malta’s imposed travel restrictions allowing only fully vaccinated individuals to enter the country without quarantining from red-listed countries.

The MIA revealed that the partially increased traffic during the month of August was a result of performance from improving markets such as France and Poland, despite concerns of a shadowed travel industry due to constantly-changing requirements and uncertainty.