Malta’s Finance Minister Vows To Increase Educator’s Wages

Malta's Finance Minister Vows To Increase Educator's Wages
Oct 30 2023 Share

During the unveiling of Budget 2024, Malta’s Finance Minister, Clyde Caruana, underscored the pivotal role that educators play in fostering a strong and prosperous community. Caruana’s comments come in the wake of successful wage improvement agreements with the country’s nurses and police unions, and they offer a promising outlook for the educational sector in the near future.

Caruana acknowledged the essential contributions of educators to society and the integral part they play in shaping the future of the nation. He emphasised that the Maltese government is committed to enhancing the working conditions and compensation of educators, just as they have done with other public sector professionals.

The Finance Minister made it clear that the government is steadfast in its commitment to seek mutually beneficial agreements with educators in the coming months. The focus will be on not only improving the wages and benefits of educators but also ensuring the sustainability of these enhancements for the long-term welfare of the country.

Caruana’s statement reflects the government’s dedication to striking a balance between addressing the needs of its workforce and safeguarding the nation’s fiscal responsibility. It demonstrates their belief that a just and prosperous country can only be achieved when the interests of both the employees and the state are aligned.


Another Round of Tax Refund Cheques in 2024

Two More Rounds of Tax Refund Cheques in 2024
Oct 30 2023 Share

In 2024, members of the Maltese public will benefit from another round of Tax Refund checks, Finance Minister Clyde Caruana has revealed.

Under the title ‘Rewarding Those Who Are Diligent’, Minister Caruana stated that this Budget will continue building on the ones before and, as such, the Tax Refund scheme will be renewed, with cheques varying between €60 and €140, with the highest sums being given to those with the lowest wages.

Caruana reiterated that these cheques will not be already-paid taxes but a grant which rewards workers’ participation.

It was highlighted that over 250,000 individuals will benefit from the Tax Refunds, as part of a €26 million investment.


Children’s Allowance To Increase By €250 For Every Child

Children's Allowance To Increase By €250 For Every Child
Oct 30 2023 Share

During the unveiling of Budget 2024, Finance Minister Clyde Caruana revealed that children’s allowance will increase by €250 for every new child as well as those already born. 

With around 6,200 children and 41,000 families, this will amount to an approximate €15.5 million spend. 

The Minister followed this by revealing that parents who go over the age required to receive a children’s allowance, the parents will also be eligible for a special allowance when they continue a full time education. 

The allowance will be one of €500 per year for three years as long as the children continue to live with them at home and study full time. 

This benefit will be given to parents who began their first post-secondary year starting this year. It will be paid at the end of the scholastic year. 


€10,000 Grant Increase for First Time Buyers Purchasing UCA or Vacant Property in Gozo

€10,000 Grant Increase for First Time Buyers Purchasing UCA or Vacant Property in Gozo
Oct 30 2023 Share

As revealed in today’s Budget 2024 event, property-seekers purchasing previously-vacant properties or properties in Urban Conservation Areas in Gozo will benefit from an additional €10,000 in their First Time Buyers Grant.

This would mean that the total grant received for First Time Buyers purchasing property in Gozo will increase from €30,000 to €40,000.

Urban Conservation Areas refer to zones which are of architectural of historical importance and are, by law, protected. Areas such as these often include multiple buildings with traditional architecture, brightly-painted doors & balconies, century-old farmhouses and more.

This, and more, was revealed by Finance Minister Clyde Caruana as part of this year’s ‘Malta Ġusta’ Budget, a budget which Robert Abela referred to as a ‘holistic plan for a brighter future, improving the welfare of every citizen.’