Malta’s favourite father-son duo hit us with a heartwarming video for Christmas

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Jomike and Lydon are undoubtedly this year’s break-out stars and Malta’s new favourite father-son duo and they have graced our screens yet again to send us a heartwarming message for Christmas.


In a video posted by Dr. Lydia Abela, wife of the Prime Minister, Jomike and Lydon encourage their fellow Maltese to call their grandparents via tablets as well as keeping the children in mind, making sure no one is left without a gift this Christmas.


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U.S. Employers have the right to ask workers to take the COVID-19 vaccine

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The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the authority responsible for eliminating discrimination in the workplace, has stated that employers have the right to ask employees to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

In an act called “The Americans with Disabilities Act”, employers are allowed to establish a standard of health and safety which dose not pose a threat to others in the workplace.

Healthcare workers and residents of long-term facilities in the US are currently being vaccinated.


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“We cannot continue with Christmas as planned” – Boris Johnson

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In light of the recent surge of coronavirus cases in the UK and the discover of a new variant of the virus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that Christmas in the UK cannot continue as planned.

Apart from announcing a new tier 4, where residents are banned from leaving their tiered areas, the PM also announced further restrictions of Christmas Day get-togethers.

These added restrictions also come after a report from the British Medical Journal and Health Service Journal predicting that the mixing of households will create close 19,000 new cases until the New Year.


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Coronavirus variant confirmed by UK to spread quicker

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The new strain of coronavirus has been confirmed to spread even faster by England’s chief medical officer Chris Witty.

The World Health Organisation has been informed of situation with Health Secretary Matt Hancock previously advising of the new variant.

This calls for further caution and vigilance in the country as the UK has seen another surge in cases recently.


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