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Malta’s Disciplined Forces Train In Case Of Earthquake Emergency

Malta's Disciplined Forces Train In Case Of Earthquake Emergency
Apr 11 2024 Share

Yesterday, Malta’s disciplined forces took to Selmun to train for the potentiality of an earthquake emergency and building collapse.

Members of the Civil Protection Department, Mater Dei’s Hospital Emergency Department, Armed Forces of Malta, Transport Malta and The Malta Police Force conducted an intensive exercise at Fort Campbell, Selmun.

The exercise saw them train for search and rescue as well as emergency extractions of wounded victims of a natural disaster.


“Malta Leads in Climate Action with Setting up of Climate Authority” – Miriam Dalli

Apr 10 2024 Share

Malta has embarked on establishing a dedicated Climate Action Authority, placing it among the global pioneers in addressing the urgent environmental crisis. This announcement was made by Miriam Dalli, Minister for the Environment, Energy, and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour, during the ‘ClimateON: Today’s Legacy’ conference.

Minister Dalli underscored Malta’s long-standing tradition of pioneering innovations in tackling environmental challenges. “Historically, Malta has always been at the forefront of innovation – we were among the first countries to eliminate the use of coal in our energy generation, we switched from Heavy Fuel Oil to gas, we are investing in renewables, and we are introducing innovative concepts such as green bonds and the ESG platform. Now, we are also at the forefront of the process of setting up the Climate Action Authority. That’s why I’m proud of my country and what we constantly work for,” she remarked.

The establishment of the Climate Action Authority marks a crucial milestone in Malta’s climate agenda, aiming to streamline efforts and policies across various ministries, entities, and authorities. Minister Dalli emphasized the necessity for integrated action, stating, “This is an important milestone because we want to see that all efforts and policies in favor of climate action are integrated under one roof to ensure coordination between the different ministries, entities, and authorities.”

The conference, part of Malta’s ongoing national dialogue process, served as a platform to galvanize collective action against climate change. Minister Dalli stressed the imperative of inclusive participation, stating, “Climate action transcends governments. Mitigation and adaptation are everyone’s responsibility and mission.”

Stakeholders from diverse sectors including academia, science, public and private sectors, youth, and civil society converged at the conference. Notable speakers included Prof. Simone Borg, Malta’s Ambassador for Climate Change, Jacob Werksman from the European Commission’s Directorate General for Climate Action, and Brad Archer, CEO of the Australian Climate Change Authority.

Reflecting on international best practices, Minister Dalli highlighted the importance of learning from global counterparts. “We have looked at what Australia and other countries are doing so that we model our authority on best practices. I truly believe that our geographical reality and the heightened effects of climate change on island states should make us the most vociferous and the most determined,” she asserted.

The panel discussion, moderated by journalist Mark Laurence Zammit, featured experts including Prof. Godfrey Baldacchino, economist Dr. Jonathan Spiteri, MCESD chairperson David Xuereb, and ESG expert Rachel Decelis, fostering insightful discussions on climate action strategies.


Malta Philharmonic Orchestra Founder Joseph Sammut Dies

Malta Philharmonic Orchestra Founder Joseph Sammut Dies
Apr 10 2024 Share

Joseph Sammut, the renowned composer and conductor who founded the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, passed away at the age of 97.

He died on Wednesday at Mater Dei hospital, leaving a lasting impact on Malta’s musical landscape.

Culture Minister Owen Bonnici mourned Sammut’s passing, describing him as a “musical giant” whose contributions were immense.

Sammut’s career spanned significant milestones, from being the last conductor of the Orchestra of the Commander in Chief of the Royal Navy to founding the Manoel Theatre Orchestra, which later evolved into the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

Born in Valletta in 1926, Sammut’s musical journey began under his father’s tutelage, a bassoonist and cellist. Joining the Royal Navy Orchestra as a bassoonist in 1942, Sammut transitioned to conducting and composing, becoming the chief conductor of the Manoel Theatre Orchestra until 1993.

Sammut’s achievements extended globally, conducting the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra in Japan and performing significant concerts in Gozo. In 2020, amid the pandemic, he dedicated his composition “Adagio-Remembrance” to those who lost their lives.

Despite his advanced age and health challenges, Sammut remained engaged in music until his final weeks. Tributes poured in from the musical community, highlighting his profound influence and legacy.


Over 50 Zones With CCTV Cameras To Combat Illegal Dumping

Over 50 Zones With CCTV Cameras To Combat Illegal Dumping
Apr 10 2024 Share

Valletta’s local council has deployed CCTV cameras in areas notorious for illegal garbage dumping, aiming to tackle non-compliance with waste disposal regulations.

Mayor Alfred Zammit highlighted that the decision was prompted by persistent violations of waste disposal laws, with some individuals disregarding collection schedules and outsiders leaving trash in Valletta.

Despite intensified educational campaigns on waste management, certain individuals continue to flout regulations.

The newly installed cameras, costing €6,000, are strategically placed at intersections like Merchant Street/Manuel Street, St Nicholas Street/St Paul’s Street, Mediterranean Street/St Nicholas Street, and Bakery Street/St Dominic Street. Zammit revealed plans to expand camera coverage to other parts of Valletta soon.

Monitoring of the CCTV cameras will be overseen by the enforcement agency LESA, which can impose fines on offenders caught dumping or mismanaging waste. The initiative was supported by Paul Farrugia, President of the Port Regional Council, and Alison Zerafa Civelli, Minister responsible for local councils, who emphasized the importance of such enforcement measures.

Civelli underscored that these efforts align with the regional waste management system implemented at the beginning of 2023, shifting responsibility from local councils to regional authorities.

Farrugia noted that the installation of cameras across the region, monitored by LESA, reflects broader efforts to enhance enforcement against illegal dumping.