Malta’s average salary stood at €1,785 in the last quarter of 2022

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The average salary of Maltese employees stood at €1,785 in the last three months of 2022, with the total number of people in employment in that time period standing at 290,995.

In a recent statement, the National Statistics Office revealed that 63.3% of the population aged 15 and over was in employment, with unemployment standing at 1.9% with 8,732 individuals. Meanwhile, inactive persons stood at 159,622, amounting to 34.7 per cent.

On average, 79 out of 100 persons aged between 15 and 64 were employment, with the male employment bracket registered at 84% whilst the same for females stood at 72.3%.

The most prominent bracket of unemployed individuals was found in those aged between 25 and 34 years of age for both genders.


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Shaun Farrugia back with number one DJ Martin Garrix; sings to his family & heads to the studio

Shaun Farrugia back with number one DJ Martin Garrix; sings to his family & heads to the studio
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The past few days seem to have been quite a thrill ride for Maltese wonder-kid Shaun Farrugia, as he reunited with the world’s current number one DJ Martin Garrix.


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Farrugia was spotted on Garrix’s Instagram story, first serenading the DJ’s family as he sung and played the piano before then heading back to the studio, hopefully for another Farrugia-Garrix collaboration.

Re-sharing the clip to his own Instagram story, Farrugia stated that “performing for Martin’s family will be a memory [he] will never forget.”

A subsequent story then showed Farrugia with Garrix and DJ Julian Jordan, who was ranked number 60’s in DJ Mag’s Top 100 ranking in 2022.

The last time Farrugia and Garrix collaborated, the world was blessed with two global hits in the form of Starlight (Keep Me Afloat) and If We’ll Ever Be Remembered.

Do you think we’ll get another collaboration between the two?


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Maltese researchers make major global breakthrough in ALS treatment

Maltese research make major breakthrough in ALS treatment
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A group of Maltese researchers has made a major breakthrough in ALS research after identifying which gene could be targeted to treat or stop the disease.

The research findings of global significance were made at the University of Malta, where the researchers used fruit flies in their studies. Fruit flies share a 75 per cent DNA sequence overlap with humans and are the first genetically-modified multicellular organisms in Malta.

The researchers are reported to have fixated on a gene that is found ‘disrupted’ in a considerable number of ALS patient. When the same gene was ‘switched off’ fruit flies, ALS symptoms began to develop, a first in the regard of animal models.

The study was led by Professor Ruben Cauchi, an Associate Professor of Neurogenetics at the University of Malta’s Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and Head of the ALS/Motor Neuron Disease Lab, together with Dr Rebecca Borg, Angie Purkiss, Rebecca Cacciottolo and Dr Paul Herrera.

ALS, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. It leads to the gradual loss of muscle control and eventually results in paralysis and death.

Malta sees an average of 11 new ALS patients every year.


Car enthusiasts! MDRA for Charity returns to Hal Far Raceway on Friday 31st March

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After a 3-year absence, MDRA for Charity will return to the Hal Far Raceway on Friday 31st March in aid of The Malta Autism Centre.

In a time where help is needed “more than ever”, the massive car meet invites car enthusiasts and members of the drag racing community, together with their family and friends, to show Malta the organisation’s great passion for motors readiness to help others.

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On March 31, the raceway will be transformed into a motorsport mecca with a Grand Motor Show and drift rides, together with performances from Pro Wrestling Malta and Pro Kart Malta.

The event will start at 8AM and will welcome enthusiasts of all ages for a one-of-a-kind event which is perfectly suited for gearheads.

The Hal Far Raceway is home to Malta’s only drag strip and hosts some of the most highly anticipated racing on the island.

Do you plan on attending?