Malta’s airport calls for change to vaccine certificate regulations

 - COVID-19 - Jan 10
Malta’s airport calls for change to vaccine certificate regulations

In a new statement, Malta International Airport urged health authorities to reconsider the new vaccine certificate rules which are set to come into effect next week.

The statement said that the regulations put an unnecessary burden on Maltese residents, putting the airport as well at a significant disadvantages to others in the EU. 

As of January 17th, Malta plans on making its vaccine certificates valid for only three months from the second dose instead of the nine month period set out by the European Commission. 

The three month rule has come under fire from the EU, which stated that it breaches its rules. For those who had the booster shot, a nine-month period will be given until the certificate expires. 

The statement said that given how Malta is the only member state which shortened the validity period of certificates, the Superintendent for Public Health has imposed ‘an unnecessary hurdle for Maltese residents to travel, together with undermining consumer confidence for the tourism industry during this already very challenging winter period.’ 

The MIA urged authorities to halt the introduction of these ‘unnecessary’ and ‘haphazard’ restrictions as they go against the ‘spirit of the European Union to facilitate free movement.’ 


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