Malta’s Airport 4th Best In Europe For Queue Times

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Malta's Airport 4th Best In Europe For Queue Times

According to Casago, a vacation rentals and property management company, has assessed the best and worst airports around the world in terms of queueing times, and Malta’s International Airport came in 4th place. 

‘To discover which airports are the best and worst for queueing times, Casago analysed passenger reviews from airlinequality.com, where each review gave queueing times a rating between 1 and 5 stars.’

When it came to Europe, Malta ranked in 4th, just after Germany’s Stutgart Airport and just before Portugal’s Porto Airport. 

Malta International Airport received an exact 60% rating in the % of 4 to 5 reviews, with the highest 66.67% given to Serbia’s Belgrade Airport. 

On the other end, France’s Grenoble Alpes Isere Airport received a mere 1.59% rating, the worst ranking for a European airport. In fact, France had 3 airports in the bottom cohort. 

However, that wasn’t all the Maltese were highlighted for. According to the key findings, people from Malta leave the fewest positive reviews (21.21% of 4 or 5 stars). The US is the second most to have its citizens leave the least amount of positive reviews at 24.96%. 



PN Politicians Call Out Rubbish Problem In Malta

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PN Politicians Call Out Rubbish Problem In Malta

Various Nationalist Party MPs have took to social media to call out the seemingly ongoing problem with trash and rubbish around the Maltese islands. 

Former Opposition leader Adrian Delia posted an image of the BCRS vending machines, with one particular set of vending machines having broken glass and other rubbish on the floor in front of them. 

‘A picture speaks a thousand words’, wrote the MP. ‘The machines w never needed. Turning streets into trash zones and people into beggars’. 

The issue was also highlighted by Darren Carabott, who shared images of unwanted items and other trash thrown into Maltese countrysides. ‘The rubbish issue in our country is continuing to grow. 8 months ago, a reform which is not working was put in place.’ 

PN MP Alex Borg also took to social media to offer various recommendations to address the situation, addressing not just trash pick up schedules and systems but further enforcement. 

The issue had also been highlighted by Eve Borg Bonello, who shared footage of abandoned areas as well as rat infestations. 


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Rihanna Welcomes 2nd Baby With A$AP Rocky

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Rihanna Welcomes 2nd Baby With A$AP Rocky

Rihanna has, according to multiple outlets, welcomed her second child with her partner A$AP Rocky. 

The 35 year old singer gave birth to a son on the 3rd of August in Los Angeles, with a comment by the singer not yet available. 

TMZ claimed that despite not knowing the name of her baby, they are aware that the first name supposedly begins with an ‘R’. 

The two artists already have a son named RZA Athelston, who was born in May of 2022. The name RZA was carefully selected, as a tribute to producer and rapper RZA, leader of the Wu Tang Clan. 

Her second pregnancy was revealed during her legendary Super Bowl halftime performance last February. We’ll have to wait for more details as to who the next addition to the singers’ family is!


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No Live Performance For Malta Eurovision 2024 Final

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No Live Performance For Malta Eurovision 2024 Final

The new rules for the 2024 Malta Eurovision Song Contest have been unveiled, announcing a new format for how the competition plays out.

According to the new rules, the final phase consists of a live-on-tape recording, an artistic music video interpretation of the song and the final live show which includes jury and public vote. 

‘All twelve (12) songs shall be performed Live-on-tape on a special dedicated stage with a recorded Backing Track complying with the requirements listed hereunder.’ 

‘After recording: one of the three takes is selected (within the total session time allowed of 60 minutes) as the Live -on-tape performance to represent the Artist in MESC 2024.’

PBS will also be giving a grant €5,000 to the 12 individual final songs to produce a professional artistic Music video in a stipulated time frame. 

‘The final night will be organised and televised live by PBS. All the 12 finalists have to be present with a limited number of guests per song. It is highly recommended that the music writers of the song will be present during this Final night. Both the live-on-tape and music videos will be shown to the general public.’ 


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