Malta unites behind record breaking athletes

Jun 3 2023 Share

Team Malta’s remarkable performance in the 2023 Games of the Small States of Europe continued as the host nation added to their impressive medal tally. With five gold medals secured on this historic day, Malta remains a strong contender for an unprecedented achievement at this biennial sporting event.

The Maltese athletes’ outstanding achievements have propelled them to second place in the overall medal standings, with an exceptional haul of 25 gold, 18 silver, and 18 bronze medals, amounting to a staggering total of 61 medals.

However, the race for the top spot in the medal standings remains intense, as Team Malta currently trails the leaders, Cyprus, by a mere three silver medals. Cyprus, with a commendable record of 25 gold, 21 silver, and 21 bronze medals, maintained their position at the pinnacle of the standings.

This thrilling competition sets the stage for an exciting final day, where Team Malta has several opportunities to secure additional gold medals.

The sports of sailing, squash, tennis, basketball, and athletics, among others, offer promising chances for the Maltese athletes to shine and potentially clinch victory.

The remarkable success of Team Malta in these Games not only demonstrates the nation’s sporting prowess but also serves as a source of immense pride for the host country.

The athletes’ dedication, hard work, and exceptional performances have captivated the attention of the spectators and garnered support from the local community, including Prime Minister Robert Abela and Leader of Opposition Bernard Grech.

On a social media uploaded video, Prime Minister Robert Abela appealed to the Maltese people to go out and support our national heroes for the last day of the games.

The Games of the Small States of Europe provide a platform for athletes from smaller European nations to showcase their talents and compete on an international stage. 


“No Reaction King” is back on TikTok

"No Reaction King" is back on TikTok
Jun 3 2023 Share

Malta’s beloved TikTok sensation, known as the “No Reaction King,” has made a triumphant return to the platform. Dennis and Kimberly Zammit, the dynamic couple behind the popular Maltese TikTok account, captivated audiences a few months ago with their unique challenge videos. Their goal? To try out incredibly hot and spicy foods without showing any signs of discomfort.

Dennis quickly gained a reputation for his stoic demeanour and impressive tolerance for spicy flavours, while Kimberly proved to be more susceptible to the tanginess of these fiery dishes. The couple’s TikTok account skyrocketed in popularity, amassing thousands of views and followers, and establishing itself as one of Malta’s most prominent accounts on the platform.

However, much to the dismay of their devoted fanbase, the pair abruptly announced a hiatus from their spicy challenges. Citing personal reasons, Dennis and Kimberly posted a heartfelt video on TikTok, explaining their decision to stop creating content.

Fast forward six months, and the “No Reaction King” and his queen are back in action, much to the delight of their eager followers. In true “no reaction” fashion, the duo decided to stage their comeback by taking on a spicy noodle challenge. And if that wasn’t enough to prove their resilience, they fearlessly took generous bites out of a fiery green pepper. As expected, Dennis maintained his unflinching composure, once again proving his status as the reigning champion of spice tolerance.


no reaction is back

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23-year-old rushed to Mater Dei after traffic accident in Mdina

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Yesterday, a traffic accident occurred in Triq tal-Infetti, Mdina, which resulted in injuries to a young woman.

The incident took place at 2015hrs and was promptly reported to the Police.

Upon receiving the information, the Police immediately dispatched officers to the scene. Upon arrival, a preliminary survey was conducted, revealing that a 23-year-old woman, from Tarxien, had lost control of her Peugeot 206 and veered off the road.

The vehicle plummeted into a field, falling from a height of approximately one and a half floors. Additionally, a 22-year-old French resident of Marsaskala was also present in the car at the time of the accident.

Given the severity of the situation, the authorities called upon members of the Civil Protection and a medical team to provide assistance.

An ambulance was summoned to transport both individuals to Mater Dei Hospital for necessary medical care.

Following examination, the man was determined to have sustained light injuries, while the woman’s injuries were classified as grievous.

Currently, the Police are conducting investigations to ascertain the circumstances leading up to the accident.

The exact cause of the incident has yet to be determined, and further details are expected to emerge as the investigation progresses.


Chloe and Miguel win Brillanti Dance

Chloe and Miguel win Brillanti Dance
Jun 2 2023 Share

Duo Chloe Scicluna and Miguel Azzopardi Portelli have been crowned the winners for the second season of Brillanti, taking home €15,000 as a reward. 

The night was nothing short of special – with showcases by the panel of judges alongside semifinalists eliminated in previous rounds, Joseph Chetcuti busting some moves himself and lots of tears and screams of joy. 

The finale saw six contestants pick out one song from a choice of three to see against whom they would go up against. 

Ultimately, Nicole Chetcuti, who placed third, managed to win her round against the youngest finalist, Elisa Morguello, who made sure to show that she deserved her place on the final episode.

Benjamin Spiteri, who placed second, won his round against duo Mishel and Juliana, each showing exactly why they deserved the spot in the first place.

And last but not least, it was an emotional night for Chloe and Miguel who had to go up against their mentor Cheryl Lofreda during the first challenge. 

After a challenge between the top three, the young duo emerged victorious, bagging the cash prize and celebrating with all the semifinalists and finalists who accompanied on their journey. 

The finale also saw the prize being handed out for the Young Promising Dancers, with the award being given to Noa NG, who amazed the judges with her elegance in the audition phase. 

That’s not all for Brillanti however, as the audition calls for season 3, Brillanti Goes Musical Theatre, are officially open. So this could be your turn to compete in this now established local competition.