Malta: Shifting Perspectives and Open Discussions

 - Culture - May 15
Malta: Shifting Perspectives and Open Discussions

For many years, Malta has been seen as being impervious to open discussions about several hot topics – whether it be cannabis regulation reformation, abortion decriminalisation, immigration policy and even LGBTIQ+ rights. These topics seemed to be no go zones – be it in parliament or even in the confines of our own homes.

And with reason – as many were afraid to voice their opinion in regards to these deep yet controversial topics. However, there seems to be a shift occurring. With all the good and the bad of governmental politics and social changes, the very fact that these topics have become something worth discussing is already a huge step for the Maltese.

In 2021 alone, cannabis reform and abortion decriminalisation have been put forth either as White Papers or as bills waiting for discussion. The ushering of these topics into conversation was not the beginning as same-sex marriage has been made legal ever since 1st September 2017 and blasphemy law amended a year prior.

The discussion table has been taken out of its cob-web ridden storeroom and, despite requiring some cleaning, is now available for further talk. This bodes very well for Malta as we make everything that was neglected or feared come to light for proper and hopefully healthy conversation.


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