Malta Sees Strong Early Voter Turnout in Local and MEP Elections

Jun 2 2024 Share

On June 1st, 2024, early voting in Malta for the Local Councils and European Parliament elections saw impressive participation rates, according to the Electoral Commission. The data indicates a strong voter turnout ahead of the official election day on Saturday, June 8th.

For the Local Councils elections, 16,135 voters were registered, and 14,163 of them cast their votes, resulting in an approximate turnout of 87.77%. Similarly, the European Parliament elections witnessed a high turnout. Out of 15,979 registered voters, 14,041 exercised their right to vote, marking an approximate turnout of 87.87%.

People eligible to vote early were individuals who had declared they will be abroad on the voting day and residents of 35 elderly homes. Another round of early voting will take place on Tuesday, where those participating in the electoral process on Saturday will be eligible, and on Thursday, when hospital patients can vote.


Ġnien Fuq il-Glażiż: A New Community Space in Birgu

Ġnien Fuq il-Glażiż: A New Community Space in Birgu
Jun 1 2024 Share

Unwind and Explore at Ġnien Fuq il-Glażiż in Vittoriosa

If you haven’t taken a stroll through Birgu, you’re missing out. This city already had a wealth of culture, beauty and history to boast, but the newly-opened garden is definitely a dream spot for your next outing.

A Hidden Historical Gem

One of Vittoriosa’s best-kept secrets is the Santa Margherita Lines, a series of fortifications built in the 17th century by the Order of Saint John. Recently, part of these historic lines has been transformed into a vibrant green space known as Ġnien Fuq il-Glażiż. This space, once a neglected 9,000m² area, has been given new life and is now a must-visit for anyone in the area.

Something for Everyone

The garden is divided into various areas, each offering something unique:

  • Picnic Area: Perfect for a casual lunch or a friendly chat about football, feasts, or local politics.
  • Timber Deck Platforms: Ideal for students or anyone needing a break, these platforms are scattered throughout the garden and are great spots to hang out.
  • Play Area: This isn’t your typical playground. It has swings, climbing ropes, and even a zipline. Kids will have a blast exploring and adventuring here.
  • Dog Park: Complete with an obstacle course, it’s a fun and stimulating place for dogs to exercise and play.

Eco-Friendly and Historical Preservation

Ġnien Fuq il-Glażiż isn’t just about fun; it’s also about respecting the environment and history. All the existing trees, some over a hundred years old, were preserved, providing essential shade and maintaining the area’s natural beauty. Pathways were carefully designed to weave around these trees, preserving the woodland feel.

The garden is eco-friendly with sustainably harvested timber for furniture, solar-powered lighting, and recyclable materials. It’s a wonderful blend of old-world charm and modern sustainability.

Visit Ġnien Fuq il-Glażiż

Next time you’re in Vittoriosa, make sure to visit Ġnien Fuq il-Glażiż. It’s a beautifully revitalised area that combines historical preservation with modern recreational spaces, making it a perfect spot for both locals and visitors. Whether you’re exploring historic fortifications or just enjoying a leisurely day out, Ġnien Fuq il-Glażiż offers a unique and relaxing experience.


Alarming Amount Of Explosives Found In PL HQ Bomb Suspect’s Garage

Alarming Amount Of Explosives Found In PL HQ Bomb Suspect’s Garage
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Police and bomb disposal officers are “alarmed” by the amount of explosive material found in a garage where a teenager allegedly manufactured a bomb placed outside Labour Party headquarters, according to Times of Malta.

The underground garage contained enough material to cause a “devastating” tragedy, especially as several families lived above it.

Residents were evacuated on Thursday night when police discovered the explosives. The suspect, a 19-year-old man, has not been questioned yet as he must undergo a psychiatric assessment ordered by the inquiring magistrate.

The teenager was arrested on Thursday night for allegedly placing a homemade bomb, found in a waste bin, outside the Labour Party’s headquarters the previous night.

Police suspect he made the bomb in a Santa Venera garage, where they found TATP, a volatile explosive known as “Mother of Satan,” often used in terrorist attacks due to its potency and ease of manufacture from household supplies.

A source noted that placing the bomb in a bin at night helped contain the explosion and minimize potential injuries. Tensions were high as police hunted the suspect, fearing public safety amid numerous mass events on the islands.

The suspect was reportedly caught on CCTV approaching the PL headquarters with a gym bag. Times of Malta reported that police and military personnel secured the garage area late Thursday night, ensuring the safety of residents.


53 New Recruits Complete Training & Join Police Corps

53 New Recruits Complete Training & Join Police Corps
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The Police Force has been strengthened by 53 new constables who completed a seven-month recruit training course conducted by the Academy for Disciplined Forces.

This course, which included academic, practical, and physical training, is accredited at MQF Level 4 by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority. These new constables will now begin serving the communities and the country.

The training covered various subjects, including ethics, diversity, Maltese laws, rules and procedures, and investigations of crimes such as domestic violence, child abuse on electronic sites, sexual offences, and mental health awareness. These 53 constables join the 102 other constables who have joined the Police Force in recent months.

At the passing out parade ceremony, Minister for Home Affairs, Security, and Employment Byron Camilleri highlighted the government’s investment not only in the tools used by the police but also in improving salaries, conditions, and rights. He encouraged the new officers to work closely with the community to enhance security and maintain public confidence in the Police Force.

Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà emphasized that while the Maltese Police Force is one of the oldest institutions of its kind, it is now updated with a focus on professionalism and efficiency.

Recent public opinion surveys, both local and European, show that the vast majority of Maltese and Gozitans have confidence in the Force and its officers, attributing these positive results to motivated officers who work closely with the community.