Malta Rugby National Team Beat Cyprus In Dominant Fashion

May 6 2024 Share

The Maltese national rugby team have come out victorious yet again against fellow Mediterranean island Cyprus, this time in dominant fashion beating the Cypriots 24-14 away from home.

This means that the Maltese team have managed to secure their second win in this season’s edition of the Rugby Europe Conference Championship, their first win coming against Cyprus at the Tony Bezzina Football Stadium all the way back in November 2023.

Malta make up of pool D of the Rugby Europe Conference Championship and as of right now with two wins against Cyprus the Maltese are sitting in first place with 8 points. Malta will now be looking forward to taking on Israel, who are the only other country in Pool D.

Maltese star  winger Mark Robertson posted stated on his Facebook what a great week it was with the Malta Rugby team and thanked everyone for their kind messages along with posting some pictures of the big win.

In contrast to last time out which was a tight affair, Keith Hopkin’s team took control of the game immediately not giving Cyprus any breathing space.


‘Sending People To Jail For Abortion Unacceptable’, Says Cassola

'Sending People To Jail For Abortion Unacceptable', Says Cassola
May 6 2024 Share

Doctors For Choice Malta sent a letter to three MEP candidates – James Ryder, Mina Jack Tolu and Arnold Cassola – to ask their stance on abortion and sex education.

Both Ryder and Jack Tolu responded that they (and ADPD, in the case of Tolu), are in favour of decriminalising abortion.

‘I am in full support of it. We are long overdue when it comes to bodily autonomy, as well as women’s access to healthcare for their own bodies’, said Ryder.

Tolu answered the questions on behalf of the other ADPD candidates: Sandra, Rachelle and Ralph. The party extended their approval of sex education as well as ensuring free access to contraception.

On his part, Arnold Cassola said that while he believes that a foetus is a human life and should be protected, cases wherein a mother’s life and health are in danger, priority is to be given to safeguarding the mother.

Cassola did however say that sending people to jail in the case of abortion is not acceptable, whilst also supporting comprehensive sex education and setting up sexual health state clinics in all 13 districts of Malta.


Owen Leuellen & Faniello Siblings Bring Back “Sa L-Aħħar Nifs” For Dar Bjorn

Owen Leuellen & Faniello Siblings Bring Back "Sa L-Aħħar Nifs" For Dar Bjorn
May 6 2024 Share

Back in 1999, Fabrizio Faniello, a newcomer to the local music scene, won big with “Sa L-Aħħar” at the Festival Kanzunetta Maltija, a song that has stayed popular in Maltese singer’s lineup ever since.

Now, 25 years later, to mark this special anniversary, ALS Malta team decided to give this iconic track a fresh spin, using it for this year’s marathon in support of DAR Bjorn that will be aired on Sunday, 22nd September.

The reintroduction of “Sa L-Aħħar Nifs” to the public will happen on Saturday, May 4th, during DAR Bjorn Żebbuġ’s first-anniversary celebrations. Bjorn himself explains: “We picked this song because it talks about giving love until your last breath for something you care deeply about.

For me, it’s about my wife Maria and our foundation helping hundreds of residents with neurological disorders.”

With a new arrangement by composer Philip Vella and his son Sean Vella, get ready for a fresh take on “Sa L-Aħħar Nifs,” now with a more modern feel and energy. Joining Fabrizio in this iconic song is his sister Claudia. The duo officially performed it on stage at Mużika Mużika in 2023.

In this new version, Owen Leuellen adds a new flavor to this iconic track. “When I heard Owen singing from his album, it gave me chills. I couldn’t believe that even after 25 years, we’re still listening to this song that brought me so much success. ‘Sa L-Aħħar Nifs’ now means even more to me as it will help us support DAR Bjorn,” says Fabrizio.

The music video for the song was filmed at DAR Bjorn Żebbuġ, with the trio performing it together for the first time during a special airing at DAR Bjorn Żebbuġ during the first year ceremony.

After its debut, the song is available on YouTube and various online music platforms for everyone to enjoy.


Claudette Buttigieg Stuns During Wedding Performance

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Current member of Parliament and former Eurovision star Claudette Buttigieg has stunned many with her performance of her iconic hit ‘Desire’ during the wedding of Julian Micallef and former local tv actor Jean Pierre Cassar.

‘Desire’ was released way back in 2000 ahead of that year’s Eurovision. The song quickly became a major hit not only locally but internationally. Buttigieg managed to end up in 8th place of the 2000 Eurovision, to this day still one of Malta’s best result in the competition.

Claudette Buttigieg is also known as an icon in the LGBTIQ+ community as she is a strong activist for their rights, so much so that her song ‘Desire’ was chosen as the official song for UK’s 2001 gay pride.

In the video not only are Buttigieg’s impressive vocals clear but also the festival-like atmosphere around her, which will remain as a long lasting memory in Julian’s and Jean Pierre’s marriage and life.