Malta ranks first globally in COVID-19 recovery index

 - COVID-19 - Oct 8
Malta ranks first globally in COVID-19 recover index

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne took to social media this morning to share some positive news with regards to Malta and the COVID-19 pandemic, sharing a chart which addresses the global COVID-19 recovery index.

The index was created by the world’s largest financial newspaper Nikkei and highlights countries’ recovery status in light of the recent pandemic, with Malta ranking in first place. The factors taken into consideration are vaccination and infection rates along with social mobility, with Malta scoring a positive 73.0 having high vaccination, low infections and high social interactions.


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Malta takes over from previous first China who has went from first to ninth due to lack of progress in the social mobility field, while Malta has seen significant progress in recent weeks. Chile and Bahrain follow with scores of 72.0 each and UAE in 4th with a score of 71.0 while the Philippines have dropped to last place in the recovery index.

Until yesterday, 834,543 vaccine doses were administered, of which 20,048 were booster shots.


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