Malta International Fireworks Festival Reaches Spectacular Conclusion

Malta International Fireworks Festival Reaches Spectacular Conclusion
May 4 2024 Share

Yesterday marked the grandest fireworks exhibition of the year at the Grand Harbour in Valletta as the Malta Fireworks Festival reached its spectacular finale. Yesterday’s festivities illuminated the sky with an array of lights and colours, captivating audiences from near and far.

The evening showcased a star-studded lineup of performances, with the sensational voices and sounds of Musea Orchestra, Yazmin Helledie, Aidan Drakard, Amelia Kalabic, Ludwig Galea, Ryan Hili, Lara & The Jukeboys, Amber Bondin and Kylie Coleiro filling the air. Guiding attendees through the night’s entertainment were the charming hosts Melanie Kelly and Ben Camille.

The real stars of the show, however, were the traditional fireworks factories that participated in the grand finale. From St. Joseph Fireworks Factory in Żebbuġ to Mount Carmel Fireworks Factory in Żurrieq, each establishment showcased their artistry and craftsmanship, painting the night sky with breathtaking displays.

Adding to the magic were the joyous pyrotechnic performances by Għaqda tan-Nar Marija Bambina in Mellieħa and PyroEmotions, creating an atmosphere of wonder and excitement.

Locals and visitors alike gathered to witness this unforgettable night, cherishing the memories created against the backdrop of Valletta’s stunning Grand Harbour. The Malta Fireworks Festival’s grand finale was indeed a night to remember, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating next year’s festivities.


Eurovision Organiser Reserves Right to Remove Palestinian Flags & Symbols

Eurovision Organiser Reserves Right to Remove Palestinian Flags & Symbols
May 4 2024 Share

Eurovision Song Contest organisers have stated that they reserve the right for removal of any Palestinian flags during the upcoming competition, taking place from 7-11 May.

Ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest between May 7-11, organisers have stated that Palestinian flags or pro-Palestinian symbols may be removed from the vicinity. The announced comes amid increased tensions with regards to Israel’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest despite widespread calls for its removal due the country’s military campaign in Gaza.

Large-scale Pro-Palestinian protests attempting to raise awareness on the situation are expected to be held in Malmö.

European Broadcasting Union head of communications, Michelle Roverelli, said that ticket holders are only permitted to bring flags displaying participating countries, as well as the rainbow flag. Eurovision executive supervisor Martin Österdahl went on to state that the rules are the same as 2023, with no change being made.

Swedish news outlet TT reported that individuals attempted to bring in Palestinian flags or signs with political messages will be stopped by guards.


Ta’ Qali Concert Zone Officially Inaugurated

Ta' Qali Concert Zone Officially Inaugurated
May 4 2024 Share

The Ta’ Qali National Park Concert Zone was officially inaugurated on Friday, with Prime Minister Robert Abela addressing the ceremony. Abela noted that this inauguration marks a significant milestone in the government’s commitment to providing open spaces, as promised. The site, once a concrete factory and a hub for illegal dumping, has undergone a remarkable transformation through a €16 million project, he stated.

During the inauguration, Prime Minister Abela emphasised the importance of investing in spaces for family life and entertainment, alongside economic development. He stressed that better quality of life is not solely achieved through economic progress but also through projects like the Ta’ Qali Concert Zone.

The newly opened zone is poised to become a hub for local artists and talents while also attracting international projects. Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Public Works Chris Bonett highlighted the government’s continuous dedication to enhancing the quality of life, while Parliamentary Secretary Omar Farrugia emphasised the significance of creating lasting memories for families.

Park head Jason Micallef underscored how the concert zone contributes to Ta’ Qali’s green spaces, further enhancing the area’s appeal as a recreational destination.


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Armed Forces Secure €8 Million for Enhancing Aircraft Capabilities in Maritime Operations

Malta Invests €8 Million in Enhancing Aircraft Capabilities for Maritime Operations
May 3 2024 Share

The Armed Forces of Malta (FAM) have seen another substantial investment of €8 million in a project aimed at enhancing their aircraft capabilities. Following the €53 million investment in a P71 vessel last year, this project signifies the government’s continued commitment to bolstering Malta’s defense and security infrastructure.

FAM currently operates three KingAir type aircraft. The recent project, partially funded by the European Union, focuses on modernizing the systems of one of these aircraft to enable it to perform a wider range of functions during maritime flights. The overhaul of the plane’s electronic systems has significantly improved its communication capabilities.

During the project’s inauguration, Minister for the Interior, Security, and Labor, Byron Camilleri, emphasized that strengthening the air branch of the Armed Forces is integral to the government’s ongoing investment strategy. This latest allocation of funds will enhance Malta’s capabilities in combating human trafficking, conducting search and rescue operations, and other critical tasks.

Minister Camilleri also highlighted the government’s efforts to improve the welfare of Armed Forces members, including securing a collective agreement for all workers, reinforcing service pensions, and introducing a full-cost-of-living bonus for the first time.

Brigadier Clinton O’Neill, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, stressed the importance of the project in fulfilling the armed forces’ responsibility as the national authority with significant operational maritime capabilities. He affirmed that the modernization of the KingAir system underscores FAM’s commitment to vital national duties.

This investment marks a significant step forward for Malta in enhancing its defense capabilities and ensuring the safety and security of its citizens and maritime borders.


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