Malta Filmed Shark Thriller ‘Deep Fear’ Released on Netflix

Malta Filmed Shark Thriller 'Deep Fear' Released on Netflix
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The Malta filmed shark horror and thriller ‘Deep Fear: Dive to Survive’ has officially been released on Netflix.

Already in the trailer, shots of the island can be seen as the characters embark on an illegal boat trip before the sea terror commences. 

IMDb’s movie description reads: ‘Storm-stricken drug traffickers force a yachtswoman to recover their sunken cocaine stash from shark-infested waters.’

The film stars Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick as Jackson as well as House of Gucci’s Madalina Ghenea. Will you be watching?


Source: Gravitas Ventures 

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FestAI: We Told Artificial Intelligence To Show Us a Typical Maltese Festa

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We recently embarked on an extraordinary journey with Artificial Intelligence to delve into the heart of Maltese culture – the traditional Maltese festa.

Our aim was to capture the evolution and vibrancy of these festas in a unique way. We tasked the AI with generating images that would not only depict the festa in its current, lively form but also transport it back through time, growing increasingly traditional with each rendering.


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Starting with the contemporary scenes – bustling streets, modern festoons, and fireworks – the AI’s creations gradually shifted to more historic settings. The attire of the celebrants transformed into traditional Maltese garb.

But we didn’t stop at tradition. Pushing the boundaries of creativity, we asked the AI to infuse elements of fantasy while keeping the Maltese festa spirit alive.

The resulting images were a fantastical blend of folklore and imagination, intertwining mythical creatures and historical settings with the familiar festa vibrancy. This project wasn’t just about generating images; it was a celebration of Maltese heritage, a fusion of past, present, and fantasy through the lens of advanced technology.


Malta’s Got Talent Michael Mock Passes Away

Malta's Got Talent Michael Mock Passes Away
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The sudden passing of Malta’s Got Talent participant mentalist and magician Michael Mock has been announced at the age of 58. 

The official page of Malta’s Got Talent bid farewell to the participant, writing: ‘Michael’s true magic was in the simplest of tricks and jokes, radiating happiness to everyone around him.’

‘Whether it was sleight of hand or the mysteries of mentalism, he made us believe in the extraordinary. Rest in peace, Michael Mock, and may your magic live on in our hearts forever.’

On behalf of MaltaDaily, we wish his loved ones the sincerest of condolences. 


45 Year Old Man At Risk Of Dying After Falling Height In St Paul’s Bay

45 Year Old Man At Risk Of Dying After Falling Height In St Paul's Bay
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Yesterday, at around 2345hrs, police were informed that there was a man in an unconscious state in front of an establishment in Triq Ġulju, St Paul’s Bay. 

Police, along with a medical team, convened immediately on site and found the victim, transporting him to Mater Dei Hospital. He was later certified as having suffered serious injuries. 

Investigations showed that the victim was a 45 year old Ukrainian man resident of St Paul’s Bay. He was allegedly involved in an argument, and consequently fell and suffered injuries. 

In regards to the case, police are speaking to a 20 year old St Paul’s Bay to help in the investigations. 

An inquiry has been opened, as investigations continue.