Malta Events Calendar: The Biggest International Events Malta Will Hold in 2023

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One of the most beautiful places in the world is a small archipelago in the central Mediterranean Sea, just between Italy and Libya, and it is called Malta. It is a place where different cultures, religions, and interests collided and created a unique and special environment for tourists worldwide. It is composed of five islands, of which Malta is the largest and most attractive one. And it is easy to understand why that is so! Beautiful seaside and landscapes, the perfect temperature throughout the whole year, amazing cuisine, and warm people are great reasons to visit this Mediterranean gem. But Maltese people don’t leave anything to chance, as they packed their calendar with vibrant and exciting events that will make your stay even better!

Casino Beats Summit

One of the major talking points on Malta, a haven for numerous iGaming companies, is the popular Casino Beats Summit (CBS). It is returning to Malta in May of 2023 for its fifth edition, to welcome 3,000 Senior Executive delegates and fulfill two days with exciting content, mingling, and presentations. Where, as always, one of the main talking points is assuring a safe and secure environment for online casino players. Here, online casinos can present their licenses and the software they implement, as the importance of their security is one of the main interests of their players.

Carnival in February

One of Malta’s biggest and most important events is the annual Carnival! If you don’t agree with that, you must confess it is the most colorful one. Carnival floats are depicting amazing images with loud music and battle for recognition. The judging panel is choosing the best among them, and all of this is happening in the capital city of Valletta. People dress up in different outfits and gather on the street to dance and have fun. The Carnival was postponed due to COVID-19 but celebrated its glorious comeback this May.

Holy Week Event or Easter Week in April

A very important event in Malta is the one in which people celebrate Easter. Gorgeous decorations and bright lights are everywhere. There are two parades, naturally, on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Maltese people are in love with this holiday, and they are making it even grander with their costumes that represent the re-enactment of Biblical scenes.

Malta International Fireworks Festival in April

Valletta’s Grand Harbour should be your place to witness a spectacle in which you will see how much Maltese love their fireworks. A palette of colors is spilled on the night sky in this red, yellow, and white explosion, followed by other colors. Fireworks shoot up from the sea in this celebration of Malta’s EU membership anniversary.

Malta Jazz Festival in July

If you appreciate jazz, you can’t miss this one. And even if you don’t and you are in Malta for other things, you must visit the Jazz Festival. The top-quality performers have the help of a unique setting in which they bring out your deepest emotions on the surface. And not only musicians, but all kinds of artists are also here, to fulfill your experience. You can walk among them or listen to these sounds from the comfort of your boat or terrace in your apartment.

Isle of MTV in July

The global phenomenon of music and parties is storming the stage when Malta welcomes a summer festival that they host since 2007. That was the year when they took over as the resident venue, and by all means, they deserve it. Every summer they bring some of the world’s greatest music artists to the Floriana Granaries square for the biggest party in the Mediterranean Sea. Famous names of DJs, singers, and rappers are there for a whole week of parties.

Rolex Middle Sea Race in October

The sea takes the center stage for this event. Rolex Middle Sea Race in 2023 will be the 44th in its long tradition. Yachts with some of the best sailors from all over the world compete in a race around Sicily that starts at Ta’ Xbiex Marina in the city of Valletta. The entertaining spectacle is more than a week long. And it doesn’t matter if you are a participant or a spectator, it is an experience like no other you have witnessed.

Birgufest in October

This is a celebration of arts and culture. It is adorned by both Maltese people and visitors. Over the course of a weekend, the ancient city of Birgu is the place to be. In past, this was home to the noble Knights of St John. But now once a year, the whole city is lit by only the shine of candlelight, and the site is memorable. The breathtaking image will be stuck in the head of anyone lucky enough to visit this event, also called Birgu by Candlelight.

Notte Bianca in October

This nocturnal honoring of culture, arts, and people located in Valletta is fantastic for those who love to visit museums and theatres. Notte Bianca is a delight for all senses, as the whole night provides something for everyone. As we mentioned which places you can visit, there are artists on the streets and special Maltese food and beverage in restaurants as they stay open through the night for visitors.


A unique place during the whole year. No matter what your tastes and affinities are, Malta covers them all.

With the list of events we covered, and trust us there are more of them, going to this wonderful island just to take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea seems like a waste of time. They have it all, every enjoyment you can think of. All that is left for you is to take your pick among them, book your place and gather these fond new memories you will make in Malta.


WATCH: Elderly man caught on video vandalising Bolt Scooter in Sliema

WATCH: Elderly man caught on video vandalising Bolt Scooter in Sliema
Dec 15 2022 Share

A seemingly-elderly man has been caught on video vandalising a Bolt scooter on the Sliema promenade.


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A post shared by Malta Daily (@maltadaily.mt)

The video, posted by TikTok user @axelsatariano, shows the man spotting a scooter on the pavement before contemplating for a few seconds and throwing it off the ledge above the sea.

The original TikTok video has been gaining a fair amount of traction online, with over 4,000 views and counting in a matter of a few hours.

Have you seen the video yet?


Lionel Messi confirms 2022 World Cup will be his last

Dec 15 2022 Share

As Messi’s journey to clench his first-ever World Cup approaches, the Argentinian football legend has revealed that Qatar 2022 will be “his last World Cup”.

This year, Messi has been a key figure in Argentina’s astonishing journey, with the South American nation’s most recent match resulting in an incredible 3-0 victory against Croatia, securing their spot in the final. Thousands upon thousands gathered under the Argentinian capital’s Obelisk monument to celebrate the win and chant the name of their national hero.

“It is impressive to end up playing a final. There’s a long way to go for the next one, there are many years and surely because of age I won’t get to it”, Messi stated in a recent interview. He went on to state that this final will be Argentina’s sixth, and the second he’ll have played in.

Oftentimes a front-runner in the discussion of greatest football player of all time, a World Cup victory would undoubtedly be the cherry on the cake in Messi’s illustrious career.

With 4 Champions League victories, 10 LaLiga trophies, 7 Copa del Rey triumphs, 3 Club World Cup wins, 3 European Super Cups and so many more accolades under Messi’s belt, will the Argentinian legend manage to grasp that which he craves most?

Argentina are set to take on France this Sunday at 4PM in what is expected to be the intense culmination of an exciting world cup campaign.


WATCH: Aġenzija Sapport group gathers in Valletta to sing Christmas Carols with Benny

Aġenzija Sapport group gathers in Valletta to sing Christmas Carols with Benny
Dec 15 2022 Share

A group of people from Aġenzija Sapport shared a special moment with iconic Valletta busker Benny Grima as they gathered in Republic Street to sing a few Christmas Carols.


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A post shared by Malta Daily (@maltadaily.mt)

The group brightened up the streets of Valletta as they were joined by Benny, a legendary local street performer who has been gracing the streets of Valletta with his music for more than 15 years.

With the festive season in full force as Christmas Day fast-approaches, the group of carollers perfectly complemented Valletta’s lit up streets to create a wholesome Christmas moment.