Malta emerges as underdog in touch World Cup qualifiers group draw

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The Malta National Football Team faces a tough challenge in 2022 as they have been drawn amongst Croatia, Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia and Cyprus in what is to be a very challenging Group H.

During the qualifier stage, international teams are split into ten groups, with the winners qualifying for the World Cup alongside the four 2021 UEFA Nations League finalists. Runners-up will then go into a play-off stage with three of which qualifying for the World Cup.

The first matches of the qualifiers are scheduled for 24-25th March 2021, with the World Cup to be held between 21st November and 18th December 2022.


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Over 56% of Christmas shoppers to spend as much as 2019, despite COVID

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In a survey carried out by research company Esprimi, data illustrates that 56% of Christmas shoppers plan to spend, more or less, the same amount as 2019, despite the pandemic. 

The survey was carried out on 400 participants aged 16 and over between November 23rd and December 1st and responded in such away due to the decrease in spending on social events.

38.7% of which said they will spend less than last year with 46.9% of the overall respondents illustrating a discomfort in going out shopping.


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Juventus defeat Barca in Champions League clash of the titans

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Juventus have toppled Camp Nou giants Barcelona in a 3-0 triumph in Ronaldo and Messi’s first match-up in 9 years.

Barca’s disappointing defeat came after two successful penalties from Ronaldo and a goal from American newcomer Weston McKennie, with Messi failing to secure any goals despite his 11 attempts.

In a statement, Ronaldo recounted his rather pleasant relationship with Lionel Messi, despite the storied rivalry, and said that both players do what is best for their teams and get along very well.


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You might already be able to see the Geminids meteor shower

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The Geminid meteor shower is a highlight of the meteor year. This year it will peak between the 13th and 14th of December.

You might still be able to catch a glimpse of the shower this week leading up to the peak night.

The best time to watch the shower is at 2AM, all around the globe with as little light pollution as possible.


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