Majority of colour tattoo inks to be banned as January 2022 due to dangerous chemicals, says European Union

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As of 4th January 2022, tattooists within the European Union will not be able to apply most colour tattoo inks. This is part of the EU’s latest ‘Reach’ regulation which is set to prohibit the chemical ‘isopropanol’ which is used to sterilise tattoo colours but is dangerous for people’s skin.


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While alternatives do exist for certain popular tattoo colours like red, yellow and orange, there does not seem to be alternatives for certain blues and greens and thus, the European Union is permitting the use of the blue ’15’ shade and the green ‘7’ shade until an alternative solution is found.

Moreover, the EU has stated that, in relation to a number of other directives, tattoo ink packaging must clearly indicated the origins of the product, ingredients, expiry date and whether or not the ink contains nickel due to allergies.

It is reported that around 12 per cent of European citizens have at least one tattoo.


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WATCH: The moment Maltese player Maria Farrugia scores game-winning penalty against Liverpool

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Gozitan-born footballer Maria Farrugia made her mark in the international football scene on Wednesday after scoring the game-winning penalty for Sunderland Ladies against Liverpool.

“If Farrugia finds the net, Sunderland win this one,” the commentator exclaimed prior to a wave of cheers following Farrugia’s goal at the final moments of the women’s League Cup match. Unfortunately, Sunderland journey at the League Cup came to an end in the group phase due to other results within the tournament.

The match was won 4-2 and serves as sweet retribution for Sunderland, who lost their last match against Liverpool in the Women’s Championship.

Well done to Maria for representing her country and smashing it abroad!


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WATCH: ‘Tis the season to sparkle with Vascas

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WATCH: 'Tis the season to sparkle with Vascas

It is important to remember that Christmas is as much about giving as it is about receiving and Vascas Jewellers’ Secret Santa brunch is a testament to the spirit of giving. The annual event brings together some of Malta’s favourite content creators and Maltese personalities as a festive treat for the holiday season.

The way it works is that guests were able to draw their Secret Santa online and were invite to select a gorgeous gift from Vascas. The gift exchange took place at the brand new Beefbar at The Phoenicia Hotel Floriana, where the guests were treated to a festive brunch menu and exclusive champagne.

The Secret Santa brunch aims to inspire viewers to visit Vascas this festive season to view their new collection and select from a wide variety of gifts for their loved ones or themselves. The jaw-dropping selection seen throughout the Secret Santa brunch is an illustration of Vascas’ variety, quality and eye for detail while maintaining a timeless style in each and everyone of their pieces.

Vascas Jewellers boast a collection of elegant and alluring silver, gold and diamond jewellery that will be cherished long after the festivities are over.


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By catching a bus on Saturday, you will be contributing to L-Istrina!

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By catching a bus on Saturday, you will be contributing to L-Istrina!

With the festive season currently in full gear and Malta’s annual boxing day charity event l-Istrina fast approaching, Malta Public Transport is enacting a fund-raising initiative called Tallinja għal l-Istrina to attempt to make a difference in the community.

Through this initiative, Malta Public Transport will be donating all revenue generated from bus fares on Saturday 18th December 2021 to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

They have encouraged as many people as possible to use the bus on Saturday in order to raise funds for the noble cause, which Malta Public Transport has stated that is close to employees’ hearts. They went on to state that with such an initiative, they hope to not only express solidarity with the MCCFF but also give the gift of hope to those in vulnerable situations.

So if you didn’t plan on catching the bus this Saturday, you might want to reconsider.

Send this to someone to tell them to use the bus on Saturday.


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