Lydia Shares Photo Of Younger Robert, Giorgia Mae For Father’s Day

Lydia Shares Photo Of Younger Robert, Giorgia Mae For Father's Day
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On Father’s Day, wife of Prime Minister Robert Abela Lydia shared a photo of a younger husband and a much younger Giorgia Mae.

‘Happy Father’s Day to all dads and father figures out there who taught us the meaning of hard work, dedication and unconditional love’, wrote Lydia.

‘Thank you Robert for your care and love’, she concluded before extending her best wishes to her own father for father’s day.


2024 Passenger Forecast Expected To Go Over 8 Million

2024 Passenger Forecast Expected To Go Over 8 Million
Jun 17 2024 Share

Malta International Airport CEO Alan Borg has warned of expected queues this summer due to record passenger numbers, pushing the airport to its “extreme limits.”

Borg told the Times of Malta that passenger projections were significantly underestimated, with the airport experiencing unprecedented monthly passenger volumes this year.

Staff are working tirelessly to manage the busiest season, with ongoing upgrades to the airport facilities. Borg admitted the cautious projections led to development lagging behind actual passenger numbers.

In 2023, the airport handled 7.8 million passengers, a national record, and initially projected 8 million for 2024. However, higher-than-expected numbers suggest this target will be surpassed.

Last month, the airport saw 800,000 passengers, 70,000 more than the same period last year.

To manage the influx, the airport is installing signage and assigning staff to assist passengers, advising them to check in online and arrive no more than two hours before departure.

Upgrades aim to double the airport’s capacity, including expanding non-Schengen arrival areas and increasing aircraft capacity by a third by next year. Despite the construction, Borg assured passengers that disruptions would be minimal.

The airport acknowledges overcrowding challenges and plans to reconfigure seating to increase capacity. Borg highlighted a strong post-COVID recovery, with new airlines and increased flights, especially to Poland and the UK. Despite operating at full capacity, he expressed confidence in handling the summer traffic.

Borg emphasized sustainable growth over sheer numbers, focusing on attracting high-value tourists and boosting winter tourism. He noted that success should not be measured by tourist numbers alone, advocating for organic growth. Borg also discussed the seamless transition from Air Malta to KM Malta Airlines, emphasizing the importance of ownership over market share, despite Ryanair’s significant presence.


Maltese Films Made Over €20K In 2023 From Screenings

Maltese Films Made Over €20K In 2023 From Screenings
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In 2023, Maltese film productions, predominantly short films, saw 4,884 admissions and grossed €20,457 across 143 screenings. These local films contributed to the broader cinematic landscape in Malta and Gozo, where a total of 385 film titles were projected, including both local and foreign productions.

During this period, cinemas in Malta and Gozo recorded 594,087 admissions from 30,742 screenings. Despite the relatively modest performance of Maltese films, the overall cinema scene was vibrant.

Foreign productions, including traditional feature films and event cinema, dominated with 589,203 admissions and a total gross box office of €4,488,290 from 30,599 screenings.

In total, six cinema establishments, two of which were in Gozo, operated 23 screens with a seating capacity of 3,881. Fiction films were the most popular, making up 73.8 percent of total admissions.

The top-grossing films were ‘Barbie’, ‘The Little Mermaid’, and ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’, which together accounted for 18.2 percent of admissions.

Most films shown were rated ’12A’ (28.1 percent) or ’15’ (35.1 percent), with the majority (61 percent) having a running time between 76 and 120 minutes. ‘Live/Encore’ screenings, featuring operas, ballets, and theatre, had the longest average running time of 150 minutes, while animation films averaged 87 minutes. In 2023, cinemas employed an average of 110 persons, mostly part-time.


Source: NSO

Barbie was Malta’s Favourite Cinema Movie in 2023

Barbie was Malta's Favourite Cinema Movie in 2023
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In 2023, there were six cinemas with a total of 23 screens and 3,881 seats. Two of these cinemas were located in Gozo.

Last year, 385 different films were shown across 30,742 screenings, averaging about 80 screenings per film. There were 594,087 cinema tickets sold in total. Maltese films, mostly short films, had 4,884 admissions and made €20,457 from 143 screenings. Foreign films, which included both feature films and special events, had 589,203 admissions and made €4,488,290 from 30,599 screenings.

Audiences had 385 different films to choose from, mostly fiction, which made up 73.8% of total admissions. The top films were ‘Barbie,’ ‘The Little Mermaid,’ and ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie,’ making up 8.8%, 4.7%, and 4.7% of total admissions respectively.

Most films were rated ‘12A’ (28.1%) or ‘15’ (35.1%), while only 7.0% were rated ‘18’. Over half of the films (61.0%) had a running time between 76 and 120 minutes. ‘Live/Encore’ screenings, like operas and theatre, were the longest at around 150 minutes, while animated films were the shortest at about 87 minutes.

Cinemas employed an average of 110 people last year, mostly part-time workers.