lVANt: Delivering Art and Culture into the heart of the Eastern Region!

lVANt: Delivering Art and Culture into the heart of the Eastern Region!
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This summer, the Eastern Region of Malta launches the lVANt project as part of its Region of Culture initiatives. Running from July 3rd to July 23rd, lVANt redefines cultural experiences across 12 localities through a vibrant touring van.

What is lVANt All About?

lVANt is an experience where local artists bring the arts directly to you! Think of lVANt as an entertainment van, bringing the best of local talent directly to your neighbourhood. Organised by the Kunsill Reġjonali Lvant, this initiative is all about making the arts accessible and engaging for everyone. The council, led by President Anthony Chircop and Executive Secretary Jeanette Galea, with the direction of Artistic Director Daniel Cauchi, has meticulously planned a series of events to ensure every performance is a memorable experience. All these performances are free for attendees, aiming to bring people together and deliver talented local art and culture to the public. It is also important for lVANt that this experience is environmentally friendly, this is done by powering both the performances’ sound and lighting through the use of batteries. By using batteries to generate power rather than traditional fuel generators ensures that this event is being environmentally friendly, a fact lVANt are incredibly proud of.

What’s the Plan?

Four weeks of delivering entertainment to the heart of the town! The tour will consist of various events, each featuring a local artist or entertainer showcasing their art in the designated locality for that day. Adding to the fun, comedians Carlos Debattista and Matthew Sant Sultana will be the lively hosts and presenters throughout the lVANt tour, ensuring each stop is not only entertaining but filled with lots of laughter.

Week 1 (July 3, 4, 5):

  • Wednesday, July 3: Who better than The Travellers to kick off the tour, travelling and performing in Balluta Square at 8:30 PM and Gżira Promenade (by the Turu Rizzo statue) at 9:30 PM.
  • Thursday, July 4: Experience the elegance of contemporary dance with the Subversive Collection at Ta’ Xbiex Promenade at 8 PM, followed by a performance at St. Anne Square in Sliema at 9 PM.
  • Friday, July 5: Matthew Sant Sultana will open the event with his comedic act, followed by Skald’s performance in Ħal-Lija by the parish church, performing between the Eurocup Games from 8 PM to 9 PM.

Week 2 (July 11, 12):

  • Thursday, July 11: Msida will light up with the voices of Krista Sujak, Reb and Jon, and David Cauchi from 7 PM onwards.
  • Friday, July 12: Klinsmann will rock St. Julian’s at Paceville Square at 8 PM.

Week 3 (July 18, 20, 21):

  • Thursday, July 18: A closed performance for Skolasajf students featuring Chanel Monseigneur, Keith Kiko and Liam Mizzi Peplow, and band, delivering an exclusive cultural experience to children to initiate appreciation for the arts.
  • Saturday, July 20: Pembroke will host a night of diverse performances, including singers Gilbert Gauci and Lyndsay Pace, alongside a comedy act from 7 PM onwards.

Week 4 (July 22, 23):

  • Sunday, July 21: An outreach program in Għargħur from 10 AM with Villa Bianca for children with disabilities to ensure both culture and smiles are delivered to these kids. As well as a comedy act by Matthew Sant Sultana.
  • Monday, July 22:  A traditional performance by the Tal-Fuklar Folk Group and a stand up comedy act by Matthew Sant Sultana will be held in Swieqi as part of the Madliena Fest from 8:30 PM.
  • Tuesday, July 23: To end this tour with a bang, Red Electric will wrap up with a show in Mrieħel at 7 PM.

Stay Connected:

Follow the journey on social media for performance updates and more information. 


Region of Culture 2024

Join us as we hit the road with lVANt, delivering the spirit of the Eastern Region through culture and art. Let’s make this summer one to remember!


Joseph Calleja & Other Local Talent Perform At Golden Bee Awards

Joseph Calleja & Other Local Talent Perform At Golden Bee Awards
Jul 4 2024 Share

Joseph Calleja was accompanied by an entire pantheon of local artists to perform at the Golden Bee Awards, at the closing of the Mediterrane Film Festival.

Calleja, who sang La Vie En Rose and a theme from Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, was joined by Matthew James Borg, Jasmine, Aidan, Pamela, Kurt Calleja and Hooli to ensure the week of art and movie magic ended stupendously for the guests.

The Maltese artists shared the stage with other international artists, including Calum Scott and Heather Small.

The event also welcomed the President of the Republic of Malta, Myriam Spiteri Debono, who gave an address that highlighted the continuous promotion of the film industry is of primary importance and essential if the industry is to develop into one of the pillars of the Maltese economy.


Is Love Island’s Kyle Going for Season 2’s Racquel?

Is Love Island's Kyle Going for Season 2's Racquel?
Jul 4 2024 Share

Rumor has it that Love Island Season 1 runner-up Kyle Curmi might be eyeing Season 2’s Racquel Gatt. This speculation arose after Kyle shared a photo of himself on a boat, holding a cake adorned with Racquel’s face. With Racquel recently exiting the villa in the final round of eliminations without finding love, could Kyle be in the market for a new partner?

Racquel had quite the journey in the villa, coupling up with Clinton, Edward, Kyonne, Angel, and Sven, but love eluded her. Now that she’s out, fans are buzzing about the potential connection between her and Kyle.

Meanwhile, Love Island Season 2 concluded with Tamika and Clinton taking home the crown. As viewers relish the drama and romance of this season, all eyes are now on Kyle and Racquel to see if a new love story might be unfolding.


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Political Rivals Omar Farrugia & Alex Borg Unite in Heartfelt Post

Political Rivals Omar Farrugia & Alex Borg Unite in Heartfelt Post
Jul 4 2024 Share
In a heartwarming display of unity, political adversaries Labour MP and Junior Minister for Public Works Omar Farrugia and PN MP and Shadow Minister for Gozo Alex Borg recently came together in a collaborative social media post. The post, which gained significant traction, featured a photo of the two politicians attending the Miss World Malta event.

The caption of the post resonated widely, stating, “Politically Different. But two youths breathing new life into politics. Present for Miss World Malta.” This simple yet powerful message highlighted the importance of bridging political divides and working together for the common good.

The collaboration between Farrugia and Borg serves as a refreshing reminder that, despite differing political ideologies, there is a shared commitment to fostering positive change and engaging the younger generation in political processes. Their unity at a public event like Miss World Malta underscores the potential for bipartisan efforts to revitalise and inspire the political landscape.