Love Island Malta Phrases We’re Still Saying One Year Later

Love Island Malta Phrases We're Still Saying One Year Later
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A year has flown by since Love Island Malta captivated us with its sun-soaked drama, romance, and unforgettable catchphrases. Here are the lines that are still making rounds:

“Aw Slajs” – Who could forget the moment Nicola, Gabrielle, and Chelsea coined the ultimate flirt line by the pool? This playful declaration of interest, meaning “I want a slice of that,” has since become a staple in our vocabulary.

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“Għajnejja jbiddlu l-kulur” – Sven mesmerized everyone during ‘Meet the Islanders’ with his claim that his eyes change color. This intriguing statement about his unique features left viewers and fellow islanders alike in awe.

@loveislandmalta 𝗠𝗲𝗲𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗜𝘀𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿𝘀🏝️ SVEN | 20 | 🔥 Say hi to Sven, with his confident demeanour he’s set to make waves in the villa 🌊 💗 Love Island Malta 💗 Catch the first show this Sunday 14th at 20:50pm on TVM! #loveisland #loveislandmalta #loveislandmalta2023 ♬ original sound – LoveIslandMalta

“Chelsea, I’m Coming” – The arrival of the islanders’ parents brought many memorable moments, but none as iconic as Chelsea’s mum, Tina, shouting “Chelsea I’m coming” with unmatched enthusiasm, instantly becoming a classic.

“Ħa naħdem u ħa naħli” – After the first season’s initial recoupling left Nate partnerless, his determined vow to “work hard and make the most of it” resonated with viewers for its positivity and resilience.

“You know Nirvana? The band?” – Sven’s casual conversation with Gabrielle about his tattoo plans, specifically referencing Nirvana, not only showcased his musical tastes but also left us chuckling at the simplicity yet profoundness of the exchange.

These phrases have woven themselves into our daily lingo, reminding us of the laughter, the tears, and the drama that Love Island Malta brought into our lives.


I Cannot Speak In Maltese In EU Parliament; Cyrus Engerer

I Cannot Speak In Maltese In EU Parliament; Cyrus Engerer
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During a press conference at the European Parliament, MEP Cyrus Engerer called out the parliament due to not being to speak in his native language, Maltese, due to the way votes have gone.

MEP Engerer explained that the parliament once again voted to have Maltese and Irish exempted from having interpreters from all meetings. 


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He highlighted that the president, who is Maltese (Roberta Metsola), agreed to not have Maltese and Irish get interpreters for all forms of meetings. 

Engerer explains that he has voted against the rules of procedure due to this fact and not because he disagrees with the rest of the rules of procedure. 

He finishes his message in Maltese, saying that he cannot address this parliament in Maltese as the rules discriminate against him and other colleagues. 


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Man Who Reportedly Stabbed 2 Girls Pleads Not Guilty

Man Who Reportedly Stabbed 2 Girls Pleads Not Guilty
Mar 12 2024 Share

A man from Bormla, identified as 43-year-old Nazzareno Dalli, also known as Ronald, has been remanded in custody on charges of attempting to murder two teenage girls. 

During a brief arraignment before Magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo, Dalli pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, grievous bodily harm, illegal arrest, and assaulting the girls. 

Additionally, he faced charges of carrying a knife without a permit, possessing a weapon during an offense, cocaine possession, and working as an unlicensed private guard.

Despite being requested to be considered a recidivist, no prior judgments against him were found online. Bail was not requested. Details about the incident were scant during the arraignment, but sources suggest Dalli may have been under the influence of cocaine during the stabbing. 

Dalli, reportedly the stepfather of the victims, attacked the girls with a knife at their residence in Triq San Tumas, Marsa. 

The girls, aged 12 and 15, sustained grievous injuries and were hospitalized, with at least one requiring intensive care. A 14-year-old boy present during the attack was treated for shock. At the end of the hearing, Dalli’s relatives showed support, prompting a rebuke from the magistrate. 

Inspectors Wayne Camilleri and Ian Vella lead the prosecution, supported by lawyers from the Office of the Attorney General, while Arthur Azzopardi, Nicholas Mifsud, and Franco Debono serve as defense counsel.


SL Benfica Partners With Mediterranean College Of Sport In Malta

SL Benefica Partners With Mediterranean College Of Sport In Malta
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Sport Lisboa e Benfica has announced a transformative partnership with the Mediterranean College of Sport in Malta, solidifying its commitment to global football youth development. This landmark collaboration, formalized this week, signifies a pivotal move in SL Benfica’s overarching strategy for international expansion.

The comprehensive agreement spans five years, reflecting SL Benfica’s dedication to fostering athletic and academic growth. The collaboration entails the establishment of an international school in Malta, where SL Benfica’s renowned coordinator will spearhead the football program.

The agreement was signed at the SL Benfica Head Quarters in Lisbon. Pio Vassallo, Chairperson of MCS and Charlo Bonnici, CEO of MCS signed on behalf of the Mediterranean College of Sport whereas Rui Manuel César Costa, President of the board of directors of SL Benfica and Luís Paulo da Silva Mendes, Vice-President at SL Benfica signed on behalf of the Portuguese club. Present for the signing were also Natalie Briffa Farrugia, Chairperson of Vassallo Group and MCS director and George Micallef MCS’s Director of Sport Development.

As part of this agreement student-athletes at MCS will also be reviewed and assessed in Portugal by Sport Lisboa e Benfica, students will participate in Sport Lisboa e Benfica tournaments in Portugal, and may also be able to register in the Benfica International Elite Program and participate in internships offered by the Portuguese academy.

SL Benfica has forged numerous partnerships across the globe. In Luxembourg and Lithuania, Benfica has established football schools to nurture talent and promote the sport. In terms of technical partnerships, Benfica has joined forces with FC Pyramids in Egypt, Al Nasr SC in the UAE, Eastwood Community FC in the UK, Coimbra Sports in Brazil, FC Sudamerica in the USA, and Sreenidi Deccan FC in India. Furthermore, Benfica has inked collaborative agreements with FC Dallas and Gotham FC in the USA.

Benfica has won the award for best academy in the world three times at the prestigious Globe Soccer Awards in the United Arab Emirates. Nestled within the state-of-the-art Benfica Campus, this renowned institution has honed the skills of countless young athletes, nurtured their potential and propelling them onto the global stage.

The Mediterranean College of Sport, wholly owned by the Vassallo Group, stands as a strategic partner in this venture. The distinguished delegation, featuring the CEOs of the Vassallo Group and the College, highlights the significance of this collaboration.

The Mediterranean College of Sport opens its doors next September. The school is located within the St Aloysius Sports Complex in Birkirkara. The complex will now incorporate two football pitches, a newly refurbished multi-sport pavilion, a gymnastics hall, two dance studios, two padel courts, a 25 metre pool, a sport performance centre, a hostel for athletes, an eatery as well other facilities to host other sports.


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