Local politician and journalist; Joe Micallef Stafrace passes away at the age of 88

Jan 29 2021 Share

Joe Micallef Stafrace who was formerly a Labour Minister passed away the age of 88.

The Malta Labour Party said in a Facebook post that, “this is a loss of a patriot who loved the freedom of expression”. They also mentioned the hardships he faced in the past and how he always fought for he believed was right.

May you rest in peace, Joe Micallef Stafrace.


It-telfa ta’ Joe Micallef Stafrace, politiku u ġurnalist ta’ ħila kbira, hija telfa ta’ patrijott li kien jgħożż…

Posted by Partit Laburista on Friday, 29 January 2021


Ice is melting at record rate because of climate change

Jan 29 2021 Share

Planet earth is losing 1.2 Trillion tons of ice a year. New research is suggesting that scientists have been underestimating the impact of Climate Change on Earth’s ice.

Sea levels could also rise more than initially expected this century, Thomas Slater who is the lead author of this new research said that “Sea level rise on this scale will have very serious impacts on coastal communities this century”.

Our previous predictions were called conservative by NASA glacier researcher Eric Rignot, who argued that ice will continue to melt at a faster rate than predicted and it will leave very serious impacts.


Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly broke COVID-19 rules

Jan 28 2021 Share

Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly broke COVID-19 travel restrictions while travelling to a mountain resort.

Ronaldo reportedly travelled to Courmayeur, which lies 150 kilometres north-west of the Serie A club’s Turin HQ. It was allegedly his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriquez’s birthday.

The Juventus Football Club declined to comment when it was contacted by AFP.



South End Core condemn spontaneous celebrations in Ħamrun

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South End Core has released an official press statement condemning the spontaneous break out of celebration in Ħamrun after their win against Valletta.

South End Core also remark the possibility of this outbreak possibly being avoided had stadiums remained open and followed restrictive measures.

They also warn against future instances like these, during the upcoming local leagues, where celebrations might be bigger, they are thus asking for the reconsideration of the opening of stadiums.