Local Bus Driver Sings Along With Italian Students

Local Bus Driver Sings Along With Italian Students
Jul 27 2023 Share

Glenn Abela, a local bus driver, uploaded a TikTok to share a sweet moment he experienced with a group of Italian students after having chauffeured them his bus.

Glenn sang the iconic ‘Sara Perche Ti Amo’, with the students all chanting the lyrics, filming the experience, and having an all around good time with Glenn. 

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♬ original sound – Glenn Abela

Amassing a whopping 44.3K views, it’s little gestures like these that make foreign students’ stays here in Malta extra special! 


PN Presents Motion of No Confidence Against Energy Minister Amidst Ongoing Crisis

Jul 27 2023 Share

The Nationalist Party, led by Bernard Grech, has presented a motion of no confidence in Parliament against the Energy Minister Miriam Dalli. The motion was jointly presented by Mark Anthony Sammut, the Spokesman for Energy and Enterprise, and Robert Cutajar, the Whip of the Parliamentary Group.

The decision came, according to the PN, after the Minister failed to recognise the severity of the crisis, leaving thousands of citizens to endure continuous blackouts for extended periods daily.

In a press release, the Nationalist Party said that it had been pressing for an urgent meeting of Parliament for almost a week to address the energy crisis and hold the Energy Minister accountable for her handling of the situation. Prime Minister Robert Abela dismissed the opposition’s calls as mere political gimmicks.

The crisis unfolded as Maltese citizens faced increasingly frequent and prolonged power outages throughout the past week and a half.


Jean Paul Spoke To Mum A Few Hours Before Corradino Building Collapse, Magisterial Inquiry Reveals

Jean Paul Sofia Spoke To Mum A Few Hours Before Corradino Building Collapse
Jul 26 2023 Share

The Prime Minister’s Office has released the findings of the magisterial inquiry into the death of 20-year-old Jean Paul Sofia, who lost his life in a building collapse.

According to the report, Sofia spoke to his mother approximately four hours before the incident occurred, one of his last few calls as revealed by the document.

Jean Paul Sofia, found himself in the midst of a construction site where he was documenting the progress, although, the Magisterial Enquiry states that Jean Paul was not employed by any of the contractors working on site. Sofia took on the role of communicating with Matthew Schembri, who acted as the intermediary between the architect and the on-site workers.

The enquiry states that due to Schembri’s infrequent presence on-site, Jean Paul Sofia kept him informed through various means like messages, photos, and audio messages sent via WhatsApp.

The last two photos taken by Jean Paul Sofia’s phone

The tragedy that unfolded on the day of the building collapse shocked the nation, leading to widespread civil unrest and persistent demands for justice from the grieving family of the victim.

Responding to public outcry, the government announced a public inquiry into Jean Paul Sofia’s death to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the incident.


Malta Daily Rubbing Shoulders With Established Local Media Giants

Jul 26 2023 Share

The Broadcasting Authority released its latest survey results. 

According to this survey, in less than three years since being launched, MaltaDaily has managed to make a name for itself, rubbing shoulders with established media giants like Times of Malta, Lovin Malta, and Newsbook, in the online segments/features section of the survey. In this section of online segments in Maltese, MaltaDaily has surpassed local media giants TVM, NET, ONE, and Malta Today.

We as the MaltaDaily team would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal audience and promise to continue coming up with segments and features of public interest.

But the survey’s revelations don’t stop there! Let’s dive into the intriguing data from the Broadcasting Authority:


It appears that television remains a dominant force in Maltese households, with a staggering 9 out of 10 people tuning in regularly. The most-watched show on television is none other than TVM News, showcasing the nation’s keen interest in current affairs. Other favourites include the local hits “Moħħok Hemm,” “LoveI sland,” and “Liquorish.” In terms of stations, TVM retains its throne as the most popular channel, captivating audiences with its diverse content. The runners-up include ONE, NET, and foreign stations that continue to leave an impact on viewers.


While television may reign supreme, radio still holds its ground, with 2 out of 3 people regularly tuning in. The surprise of the survey was the emergence of One Radio, which has overtaken its competitors and now stands as the most followed radio station in the country. This triumph marks the end of a long streak for Bay Radio, which has been surpassed and currently holds the second spot. Calypso Radio secures its place in third position.

Online Dominates Among Younger Audiences:

The digital revolution is alive and well, with the younger generation showing a clear preference for online content. Among young people aged 12 and above, a remarkable 2 out of 3 individuals opt for online segments and features. This trend underlines the growing influence of digital media and its importance in capturing the attention of the youth.

The survey was conducted in the last week of May and targeted residents in Malta over the age of 12. The comprehensive data collected offers valuable insights into the media habits of the Maltese population.

The media industry in Malta must acknowledge the undeniable impact of online platforms. While traditional television and radio continue to hold sway, it is evident that online media is becoming an integral part of the nation’s media consumption habits, especially among the younger demographic.

Whether it’s television, radio, or the digital world, one thing is certain – the Maltese love their media!