Local artists create Daphne Caruana Galizia theatre production

Feb 22 2021 Share

Written by journalist and editor Herman Grech, ‘They Blew Her Up’ is a performance about the late journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and the events leading up to her assassination.

Herman spent two years researching, interviewing and developing his work in order to shed light on all the personalities, parties and elements involved in the tragedy.

The performance is said to be 80 minutes long and due to the case still being active court, the author has stated he restrained from making any judgements ahead of time.

Spazzju Kreattiv recognises the importance of this performance and its ability to create platforms for opinions and further discussion in regards to this historic event.

The performance will be held on 26 February at Spazzju Kreattiv and streamed on the theatre’s website.


Maltese performer appears in international production filmed in Malta

Feb 22 2021 Share

Luke Vella, Maltese performer and graduate from Leicester College of Performing Arts, has acted as twin double to famous actor Jeremy Jordan.

In his first professional job, Luke doubled for the actor in ‘Mix Up in the Mediterranean’, which is available for viewing on Hallmark Channel and Amazon Prime.

The Maltese performer has done all of this during the COVID-10 pandemic and is the first of many projects in store for the young artist.

The performer has stated how grateful he is to have worked on such a project, which was filmed in Malta.


Legendary French DJ duo Daft Punk split up after 28 years together

Feb 22 2021 Share

Legendary French duo Daft Punk have reportedly split up after 28 years of music after posting an 8-minute excerpt from their film ‘Electroma’ with the title ‘Epilogue’.

When asked about the split, publicist Kathryn Frazier confirmed the news but did not give any reason for the break-up.

The ever-mysterious duo have left a permanent mark on electronic music and pop culture for generations to come and their visual identity and iconic music will forever be celebrated as one of the pillars of dance music.



Local artists receive European Citizen’s Award for ‘Lockdown Festival’

Feb 22 2021 Share

Local artists Vegard Flatoey, Zoe Camilleri, Niels Plotard and Keith Bonnici organised a successful festival comprised of various performers and artists.

👯‍♀️🔒 Elated to announce that Lockdown Festival, organised in #Malta when the pandemic upended our lives from March…

Posted by European Parliament in Malta / Il-Parlament Ewropew f'Malta on Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Despite the lockdown closing theatres and restricting crowds, the artists overcame the challenges posed to the performance communities in Malta and received a European Citizen’s Award in recognition of their work.

The festival, broadcasted through Facebook from the artists’ homes last March, received an audience of over sixty thousand spectators.

Their work has raised €3,000 and distributed to all those involved, garnered European acclaim and created a network for artists during such turbulent times.