Local Artist Gets Gladiator Painting Signed By Russell Crowe

Local artist gets Gladiator painting signed by Russell Crowe
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Steve Farrugia, a local painter and who you might also know from his time as Airport Impression’s drummer, got to meet Russell Crowe and have a portrait of one of his roles signed by the world famous actor.

Farrugia presented Crowe, who was once again in Malta for a concert in Valletta, with a portrait he himself had drawn of General Maximus, whom Crowe had portrayed in the 2000 epic historical drama. 

The actor gladly signed the portrait, commending Steve for the attention to detail and skill with the brush. 


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Speaking to MaltaDaily, Steve said it was absolutely a dream come true to meet the actor, with Gladiator being one of his all-time favourite films.

Apart from being on the island for the concert (and apart from his constant reminder to the Maltese that he just cannot stay away from his ‘home away from home’), Crowe is also here ahead of the production of the sequel of Gladiator. 

The film is set for a 2024 release, meaning a whopping 24 years after the first movie took cinemas by storm. 


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Pedro Pascal and Paul Mescal spotted in Malta

Pedro Pascal and Paul Mescal spotted in Malta
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World famous actor Pedro Pascal, known for his multitude of roles in The Last of Us, The Mandalorian, Narcos and Game of Thrones to name just a few, has been spotted in Malta.

Photos uploaded to Twitter shows the actor snapping a picture with some Maltese fans who came across Pascal in Malta. 


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The photo was uploaded by Twitter page Pedro Pascal Daily, captioned ‘Pedro Pascal in Malta with fans’. It was a re-share from @mitchelandresgp’s Instagram story. 

Paul Mescal was also reportedly spotted on the island, with Instagram user @lilyssharp sharing an image of her friends and herself alongside Mescal and Pascal.

This could indicate that the two are in Malta for the filming of Gladiator 2, given that Mescal’s IMdB lists the casting. 

Pascal is one of many recent spotting of famous actors on the island. It is unknown whether Pascal will be filming here given the recent productions taking place on the island. 


Remote Work’s Damaging Impact Revealed by Shocking 3D Model

Remote Work's Damaging Impact Revealed by Shocking 3D Model
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Researchers have created a model to depict the potential consequences of long-term remote work. Anna, a 3D model developed by Furniture at Work, represents the physical and mental effects that people may experience by 2100 if they lack a dedicated workspace. The University of Leeds conducted research revealing that one-third of UK remote workers do not have a proper work area, which may lead to future problems. Anna’s physical manifestations, including poor posture, screen exposure, and mental health issues, demonstrate the importance of creating suitable work environments to avoid such outcomes.

The rise of remote work gained prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic and remains prevalent today. However, researchers warn that continuing this trend could have dire consequences for humanity within a century, as evidenced by Anna, the 3D model created by Furniture@Work. Anna represents the potential physical transformation individuals might undergo by 2100 due to prolonged remote work, displaying unsettling features.

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Furniture@Work collaborated with healthcare experts and utilised scientific research to visualise the detrimental health effects of working from home. They constructed Anna as a 3D model to demonstrate the impact of constant technology use, screen exposure, poor posture, and an unhealthy diet. The model’s most prominent effect is a hunched back, a result of years of strain on the neck and back from improper computer posture or working from inadequate surfaces like sofas or beds. These factors contribute to musculoskeletal disorders, chronic pain, and degenerative conditions.

A survey conducted in September found that 63.7% of UK workers reported new back issues since transitioning to remote work. As remote work rates continue to soar globally, it is crucial for individuals to prioritise their health and establish suitable workspaces. Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. LS Wang emphasises the significance of regular movement and ergonomic efficiency to prevent musculoskeletal disorders caused by prolonged sitting and inadequate posture. Implementing breaks for stretching and ensuring a proper workspace can help maintain physical well-being and avoid the undesirable consequences depicted by Anna’s model.

This serves as a friendly reminder, not a criticism of remote work, emphasising the importance for individuals working from home to prioritise investing in suitable infrastructure.


Boxer Brandon Borg Triumphs in the Ring and Love, Proposes to Girlfriend

Boxer Brandon Borg Triumphs in the Ring and Love, Proposes to Girlfriend
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Boxer Brandon Borg celebrates a momentous victory against a British fighter, marking a significant milestone in his career. The win stands as a testament to his dedication and hard work, which he attributes to the countless hours of practice and preparation leading up to the match. In addition to his professional triumph, Borg experienced personal joy by proposing to his supportive and caring girlfriend, who happily accepted. Their relationship has played a pivotal role in his success, both inside and outside the ring.

Beyond his personal achievements, Borg expresses heartfelt gratitude towards those who contributed to raising awareness for autism, a cause that holds deep meaning for him. He is honored to leverage his position to increase awareness and support for autism. The boxer acknowledges the indispensable role played by his team of coaches and sponsors, emphasizing their unwavering support, guidance, and expertise in helping him accomplish this remarkable feat. Furthermore, he expresses profound appreciation for his friends and family, who have been a constant source of love and support throughout his journey.

Filled with gratitude and overwhelmed by his recent successes, Borg looks forward to celebrating with his loved ones and continuing to make a positive impact in causes that resonate with him, particularly in raising autism awareness. This chapter in his life serves as a reminder of the importance of perseverance, unwavering support, and the power of gratitude in achieving personal and professional milestones.