Lionel Messi reaches Pele’s goal record

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Lionel Messi has now reached Pele’s legendary record of 643 goals for one club. This happened during last Saturday’s game against Valencia at Camp Nou.

Messi’s first goal for Barcelona was back in 2005 against Albacete.


Malta issues first production license to a medical cannabis company

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Malta has issued the first license related to the production of medical marijuana in the Maltese Islands.

The license was issued to a Canadian company by the name of Aphria. The products will be manufactured, packaged and tested in Malta.


COVID_19 variant found in Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia and Gibraltar

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Cases of the new COVID-19 variant strain have also been confirmed in Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands, Australia and Gibraltar.

The new variant is up to 70% more infections than the original strain and this due to a much larger viral load.


Doctors call for improved enforcement of drink driving

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Doctors for Road Safety have asked for better enforcement of drink-driving laws in order to lessen the number of offenders.

They are arguing for more manpower on the streets in order to better-regulate and enforce laws.

With improved enforcement will come a significant difference in offences.


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