‘Let’s do our part’ – Hamrun Spartans raise awareness following Dembska’s murder

 - Local - Jan 8
Hamrun Spartans raise awareness following Dembska’s murder

‘Paulina Dembska’s murder is a wake-up call for Maltese society’ read the caption of a newly released video by Hamrun Spartans Football Club. 

The awareness-raising video acknowledged the tragedy as being a pivotal moment we must use in Maltese society to no longer tolerate abuse on women. 

Players from the team adorned their face with a streak of red lipstick, signifying their support to the movement and the action needed to stop such atrocities. 

‘No one thinks it’s all men’ the video quoted, ‘it’s enough men […] Spartans, let’s do our part.’ 

The tragedy which took the life of Polish 29-year-old Paulina Dembska shook the entire island after she was found murdered in Sliema just after New Year’s. The prime suspect Abner Aquilina was later arrested but interrogations were halted after he was taken to Mount Carmel Hospital for further inspection. 


Photo Source: Hamrun Spartans Football Club FB

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