Lapes & friends through to the next round

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As if Il-Lapes on his own wasn’t enough to wow the judges – Mac and Funky joined forces with one of Malta’s best rappers to come up with an amazing rap song revolving around the judges.

The Maltese rap legend lived up to his name and went through the next round with flying colours.


Warren Bonello dedicates his performance to one of his students fighting cancer

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Warren Bonello, who needed no introduction when he went out on the Malta’s Got Talent stage, lived up to his name with his brilliant performance.

Warren dedicated his performance to one of his students who is currently fighting cancer.

Warren had rose to prominence in 2012 when he danced with Malta Eurovision Song Contest winner Kurt Calleja.


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Matthias Camilleri leaves everyone speechless

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WOW. Straight out of the university of circus and onto the Malta’s Got Talent stage, Matthias Camilleri, left everyone speechless with his effortless performance.

A performance that we’re not used to see in Malta, Matthias made going up and down a vertical pole, which technically is called a Chinese pole, seem like a walk in the park. One of the judges even compared Matthias with Spiderman.


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15 Covid positive patients in itu

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The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) announced that in just one week, the number of COVID-19 positive patients that required intensive care went from 6 to 15.

The MUMN stated that this was causing a lot of pressure on the nurses and that the number of ITUs at Mater Dei Hospital have already increased from two to six.

The MUMN also stated that a lock down would be inevitable if the situation gets worse, while urging people to stop having parties and mixing together.


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