Kyra Revealed As Love Island Malta S2’s Third Contestant

Kyra Revealed As Love Island Malta S2's Third Contestant
May 15 2024 Share

Meet Kyra – Love Island Malta Season 2’s third official contestant!

Kyra Pecorella is 20 year old who works in a clothes shop with a shy character – until you get to know her!


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Having just turned 20 this May, Kyra hopes to find someone new outside of the ‘crazy’ dating scene.


ST Malta Delivers First Results From Malta-Based R&I Project

ST Malta Delivers First Results From Malta-Based R&I Project
May 15 2024 Share

During a visit to the ST Microelectronics factory, where pilot projects for advanced digital and robotic equipment in Industry 4.0 are in progress, Prime Minister Robert Abela highlighted Malta’s potential to become a leading center for European innovation and technology in the semiconductor sector.

This initiative is part of the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) program, which supports advanced technology research and development. At the Kirkop ST plant, innovative technological products are being developed to improve microchip manufacturing. The Prime Minister emphasized the government’s commitment to supporting innovation at facilities like ST, which employs 1,800 people in Malta, and expressed optimism about the company’s future.

During the visit, where 2.7 million microchips are processed daily, Abela noted that many devices, from smartphones to cars, contain microchips made in Malta, underscoring Malta’s significant role in global technology.

“This is how we modernize our economy and create quality jobs for Maltese and Gozitan students in the most advanced technology sectors,” Abela said, showcasing the government’s drive for economic development.

Prime Minister Abela praised ST’s dedication to Malta and highlighted ongoing investments by Malta Enterprise and INDIS. Accompanied by Minister Silvio Schembri, Abela observed state-of-the-art technology for testing and packaging microchips for automotive and industrial uses, as well as AI-driven automated manufacturing.

Abela asserted that Malta is actively engaged in the global semiconductor industry debate, advocating for industrial competitiveness and innovation at the European level. He noted Malta’s involvement in the IPCEI program for Microelectronics and Communication Technology and stressed the importance of collaboration between industry and research, highlighted by a recent agreement with IMEC.

The Prime Minister concluded that ST’s initiatives will strengthen Malta’s ecosystem for innovation and semiconductor technology, modernizing the economy and providing excellent opportunities for Maltese and Gozitans, especially the youth.


MSC Shows Beauty Of Malta’s Port From Inside Cruise

MSC Shows Beauty Of Malta's Port From Inside Cruise
May 15 2024 Share

In a video uploaded to social media, MSC Cruises Official captured a panoramic view of Malta’s port through a window on their cruise.


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♬ Enya-style romantic fantasy waltz original – Yukari Okano

As a woman bathed in their jacuzzi, the ship sails right through Malta’s harbour – a sight welcoming all who arrive on the island from the open waters.

Have you ever been on a cruise?


‘Now Is Not The Time For Reckless Self-Interest’: Casa To Scicluna

'Now Is Not The Time For Reckless Self-Interest': Casa To Scicluna
May 15 2024 Share

In an action outside the Central Bank of Malta, MEP David Casa re-iterated his appeal to the embattled Governor of the Central Bank Edward Scicluna to do the right thing and resign his post for the good of the country.

“Haven’t you pigged out enough?” the streamer read, with wording lifted from the communications of former Labour MP who spoke about “pigging out”. Casa reminded that in his former capacity as Finance Minister, Scicluna had raised the annual remuneration for Central Bank Governor prior to his bid for the same position.

David Casa, who has worked on the Committee for Economic and Monetary Affairs, emphasised the reputational damage that Scicluna was incurring to the country for no other reason than blind self-interest.

“To have a Central Bank Governor accused of fraud is ridiculous and flies in the face of the unwavering efforts of the hundreds of professionals who are upholding a world-class industry despite the corrupt buffoons who lead them,” Casa charged, adding that “Nobody is subscribing to Robert Abela’s cuckoo-land account of what the country is going through.”

“A week since criminal charges were filed against Scicluna, I echo the nation’s appeal even more strongly: RESIGN.”

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