Kind policemen shelters children from rain on their way to school

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This video of a policeman sheltering children from the rain on their way to school recently went viral as it shows a deed of kindness which is not often seen.

The video shows the policeman guiding children from one side of the street to their school as he shelters them under an umbrella.

In an age where humans have become distance from one another, an act such as this is a breath of fresh air.

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Rumours emerge of ‘La Casa De Papel’ season 5 release date

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Insider sources have leaked that season 5 of ‘La Casa De Papel’ may be coming in January 2021. 

Back in August, show-runner Álex Pina had stated that he doesn’t know whether or not a fifth season was coming, but someone else did. 

Delays and extensions are not surprising in today’s world as it is consumed by the coronavirus pandemic, but one thing is for sure – we can’t wait for season 5.


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Environmentalist sounds off on Attard uprooting

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Environmentalist CaMi Appelgren took to Facebook to reveal the shocking uprooting of trees at Triq l-Imdina in Attard. 

🇲🇹 My plea – teach your children the values of trees. One day they’ll be the decision makers who will have to restore…

Posted by Cami Appelgren on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

She went on to encourage anyone reading to be aware of humanity’s relationship with nature and if possible to teach younger generations of our environment’s importance. 

Appelgren concluded the Facebook post by claiming that she wont tag any politicians because we, as human beings should be the catalysts to change.

Double celebration for Prime Minister’s wife

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