Keep forgetting people’s names? Here are a couple of tricks to help you!

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Keep forgetting people’s names? Here are a couple of tricks to help you!

Do you literally forget someone’s name seconds after learning it? Well, we might have a solution for you as memory experts pitch in their advise. 

We’ve all had to either substitute someone’s name to some random introduction or just decided to say nothing at all. 

Asking for someone’s name the second, or even third, time just feels utterly awful. First, find solace in the fact that you’re not alone in this awkwardness. It’s a very common experience – especially given all the things we need to keep in mind.

Memory expert Ron White highlighted how memory isn’t actually the problem. It’s all related to ‘focus’. 

He said that when you meet people, you are thinking ‘What do I think of them? What do they think of me? Have we met before? Do I look okay?’

As your mind goes through this script, the brain doesn’t even process the name. You literally don’t hear their name!

So the first trick you can weaponise to learn names is to actually constantly focus on the thought ‘What is their name’ when you meet them.

Double world record holder for remembering names Katie Kermode recommended word associations. She can remember 105 names in five minutes and 224 in 15 minutes. 

The trick? Associate the name with something it reminds you of. This is simple enough for names such as ‘Rose’. For more complex names, try using images in your head. 

The goal is to make it unforgettable. Ronald Johnson gives a bizarre example. Host of the podcast ‘The Craft of Memory’, he gives his own name as an example. He pictures McDonald’s due to the reference to Ronald McDonald. He then pictures French Fries shoved up his nose.

Making memory a dramatic, bizarre and absurd story helps make images stick easier. Conversely, you can use it in mid-conversation so as to drill it into your head. 

This has the added benefit of affirming the person’s existence as you talk. It lets them know you are present and with them. 

So there you go! You’ll be safe in any scenario if you just apply these few tricks. 



Eating grasshoppers is now approved by the European Commission

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Eating grasshoppers is now approved by the European Commission

And the latest to be included on the EU’s list of edible things are…grasshoppers. 

This approval was made in a move to encourage better diets and more sustainable farming and food production. 

This is the second time the EU included an insect on it’s list of safe foods for people. This follows the inclusion of the mealworm beetle larva, so it’s not as far out a concept as we might think. 

The third insect fated (or doomed?) to end up on the list is expected to be the cricket, with the European Food Safety Authority (FDA) stating that adults can safely munch on grasshoppers.

Considered to be high sources of protein, grasshoppers could form part of an overall shift towards eating insects as a mainstream cuisine. 

These critters have proven to be far more easily raised and produced, unlike the waning numbers of bigger animals such as cows, pigs and chicken. It could also address massive food shortages and spiking prices as human populations explode. 

This is also a bizarre concept for many Westerners – eating such insects has never been a problem for many cultures worldwide. It could take some getting used to, but maybe it won’t be as bizarre in a couple of years…


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14-year-old girl grievously injured after Hal Far racing incident

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14-year-old girl grievously injured after Hal Far racing incident

A 14-year-old girl had to be urgently hospitalised yesterday after being hit by rock debris due to a drag racing incident. 

Police reports allege how a car driven by a 29-year-old from Qormi crashed into a barrier, resulting in rock debris hitting the girl. 

The driver lost control of the vehicle he was piloting as he engaged in drag racing in Hal Far. 

The incident happened at around 4:00 pm on Saturday, with the victim confirmed to have suffered grievous injuries. Police investigations are ongoing. 


Photo Source: TVM

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WATCH: She’s back! – Haley Bugeja opens score for Sassuolo against Napoli

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She’s back! - Haley Bugeja opens score for Sassuolo against Napoli

We never get enough of Haley Bugeja’s on-pitch skill – this time, she opens her 2021/2022 play at Sassuolo with a goal in the first half. 

The Malta women’s international forward found the net against Napoli in the Serie A Femminile as Sassuolo kept their lead against the opponents at half-time. 

The 1-0 score was maintained right till the end by the Neroverde, with Bugeja marking her 13th goal for Sassuolo since joining the club last season. 


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The team remains second at 24 points, just three behind leaders Juventus. They will face this football rival in their next league game on the 4th of December. 

Bugeja’s first Serie A goals last season were against Napoli as well, with the Maltese talent scoring on her professional debut, bringing Sassuolo’s score at 3-1. 


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