Kaylocke Buhagiar’s Batman Showpiece: A Testimony to Creativity and Skill at Malta Kulinarja 2023

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Malta Kulinarja is an annual culinary competition that showcases the best of Maltese cuisine and culinary talent.

This year, one of the highlights of the competition was the Work in Fat Showpiece category, where participants were tasked with creating a completely handmade showpiece using lard butter and carving tools without any external support structure.

One particular showpiece that stood out was created by Kaylocke Buhagiar.

His showpiece, inspired by the determination and courage of Andrea Calleja, an athlete who suffered a severe spinal cord injury during the last obstacle in The Grid Challenge Malta, was a stunning sculpture of Batman, completely made of lard butter.

Kaylocke’s showpiece was a testament to his skill and creativity, showcasing his ability to use a unique and challenging medium to create a masterpiece that was not only visually stunning but also meaningful. His dedication to his craft was evident in the level of detail and precision in his work.

Kaylocke’s passion for food presentation and events organization has been evident throughout his career, having worked in several high-end hotels around Malta and three hotels across Europe. He has been competing in the Malta Kulinarja competition for three years now, and in the 2020 competition, he achieved a silver medal for his showpiece of Happy Buddha, also presented in the work of fat category.

The Malta Kulinarja competition serves as a platform for showcasing the talent and creativity of Malta’s culinary industry.

It is an opportunity for chefs and food enthusiasts to showcase their skills and passion for food, as well as to learn from their peers and industry experts. The competition not only promotes local cuisine but also inspires innovation and creativity in the industry.


Man from Birkirkara arrested for alleged drug trafficking after police observation of Marsa garage

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Police have arrested a 41-year-old man from Birkirkara in connection with alleged drug trafficking.

The arrest was made after a police observation of a garage in Marsa where drug trafficking was suspected to be taking place.

The suspect was seen entering and leaving the garage, and was subsequently apprehended while riding in a vehicle.

Upon searching the suspect and the vehicle, police recovered several sachets containing a substance believed to be cocaine.

Further searches conducted in the garage uncovered more suspected cocaine, a significant quantity of suspected cannabis weed, digital scales, and various other items related to drug trafficking.

The case has been referred to Police Magistrate Dr. Rachel Montebello who has appointed an inquiry.

The suspect is scheduled to appear in court at noon today to face charges related to the case.


Tourism Minister and Film Commission CEO visit ‘The Silent Hour’ set

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Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo and CEO of the Malta Film Commission Johann Grech visited the film set of ‘The Silent Hour’.

They had the opportunity to speak with international actors Joel Kinnaman and Mark Strong.

On social media, Johann Grech explained that the Malta Film Commission has a clear plan for a sustainable industry. Grech said that he is committed for more success in the industry.

‘The Silent Hour’ is a film about a hearing impaired police detective who works as an interpreter for the department and must confront a team of corrupt cops trying to eliminate a deaf murder witness in an apartment building.


Robert Abela meets Malta Eurovision Song winners The Busker at Castille

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Prime Minister Robert Abela recently met withThe Busker, who recently won the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and will represent Malta in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Liverpool in May.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister expressed his admiration for the young artists and their achievements, highlighting the importance of the arts and entertainment industry for Malta’s economy and cultural identity. He also spoke about the opportunities available in the industry and encouraged them to continue pursuing their passion for music and performance.

In addition to meeting with The Busker, the Prime Minister also met with Kyran Bonello, the winner of Malta’s Got Talent. Bonello’s talent and passion for performing impressed the Prime Minister, who wished him well for his future endeavours.

The meetings with these young artists are a testament to the growing importance of the arts and entertainment industry in Malta, 


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