Kayak for Charity to paddle around Malta for the 20th time to raise funds for Dr Klown

Kayak for Charity to paddle around Malta for the 20th time to raise funds for Dr Klown
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Kayakers Albert Gambina and Dorian Vassallo are currently preparing to paddle around the entire coast of Malta, with the aim of raising funds for local NGO Dr Klown.

Weather-permitting, they are planning to paddle for 40 nautical miles on 29th June, from early morning till late evening, unaccompanied and without stopping.

Albert and Dorian have been kayaking together for almost 15 years. After joining the Malta Canoe Federation at around the same time, their first major event together was in 2008 when, as part of a group of 8 Maltese kayakers, they traversed the channel from Malta to Sicily.

Since then, the unstoppable duo have continued to paddle long distances regularly, always with the intention of raising money for different local charities.

“If we’re going to put so much of our energy into this, might as well do it in a way that benefits others who need it”. This is how Dorian sums up the goal behind setting up Kayak for Charity with Albert, originally named Kayak for Cancer due to Dorian’s own past experiences.

“My first wife Tessa passed away in 2005 after battling cancer for 5 months”, he explains. “Kayak for Cancer was something I came up with a few weeks before her passing, both to honour her memory and to support the organisation that was helping her and the rest of our family through that difficult time.” 

As Albert and Dorian continued to attempt and accomplish different routes, they decided to expand the relevance of their initiative by raising funds for several other charities, and this time round they chose Dr Klown, an NGO that has been providing clown services at Mater Dei Hospital since 2011 through volunteers.

This will be their 20th circumnavigation of the Maltese islands, as a means of training for a very long and challenging international journey that they are planning to pursue some time next year.

In the run up to 29th June, Dr Klown is using their widely followed social media platforms to shed light on Kayak for Charity, with the humorous angle of including one of its own aptly named clown doctors Dr Lost in a number of fun online videos.

You can find out more about Kayak for Charity by visiting their Facebook page. You can also support this initiative by donating to Dr Klown via their website here. The general public as well as companies can place donations via SMS, PayPal, bank transfer and even by cheque.


Sciacca Grill Cleared, Trial Ordered For Muscat and Co-accused

Joseph Muscat & Co-Accused To Stand Trial
Jun 25 2024 Share

Following a detailed review of evidence and relevant acts, Magistrate Rachel Montebello stated that the evidence sufficiently indicated illegal activity by all the accused, except for Sciacca Grill Ltd., previously linked to Keith Schembri.

Montebello ordered all defendants, excluding Sciacca Grill, to be formally charged. She also mandated the submission of various documents, including bank statements from the implicated companies.

In Tuesday’s session, defense lawyers critiqued the magisterial inquiry, claiming it lacked evidential support. Lawyer Chris Cilia defended MTrace Ltd., with a quip about storytelling versus truth. Jason Grima, representing Jonathan Vella, pointed out that his client was merely an accounts clerk for auditor Chris Spiteri, not a central figure in the allegations. Arthur Azzopardi, defending Brian Bondin and companies Technoline and Gateway Solutions, argued the inquiry failed to substantiate claims of fraud.

Sciacca Grill, once Kasco Foods and previously owned by Schembri, was the sole defendant discharged after Montebello found insufficient evidence against it. The prosecution had accused the company of skimming funds from contracts tied to the privatization of state hospitals by Vitals Global Healthcare, a claim Montebello deemed unproven.

The other defendants, including former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Minister Konrad Mizzi, and Schembri, face trial for their alleged roles in a multimillion-euro fraud involving the 30-year hospital privatization deal awarded to Vitals. This concession, later passed to Steward Health Care, was annulled by a civil court last year due to fraud.

The proceedings will continue on August 1 at 10:00 AM.


51 New Police Recruits Welcomed: Set For Constables

51 New Police Recruits Welcomed: Set For Constables
Jun 25 2024 Share

Last week, the Malta Police Force welcomed 51 new recruits who have embarked on their journey to become Police Constables.

They have commenced a 6 month training programme at the Academy for Disciplined Forces, which will lead them to obtain a Pre-Tertiary Certificate in Basic Training for Police Constables.

‘In an introductory session, Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà personally met with the new recruits. He discussed the Force’s continued efforts to develop the policing career into a respected profession, emphasising our mission of professionalism, trust, safety, security and community engagement.’

Commissioner Rafa also highlighted the increased trust in the force, which was revealed through survey results from the NSO, Eurobarometer and an internal Employee Engagement Survey.


Local Record For Biggest ‘Ħelwa Tat-Tork’ in Xagħra, Gozo

Local Record For Biggest 'Ħelwa Tat-Tork' in Xagħra, Gozo
Jun 25 2024 Share

The Malta Records have certified the national record for the largest ‘ħelwa tat-tork’ (‘Turk’s Sweet’), made in Xagħra, Gozo.

The sweet, made out of fig for the appropriately titled ‘Festa tat-Tin’, measured at a 57cm length, 37cm width and 43.5cm height. The sweet, a highly sought after delicacy around the Maltese islands, was devoured after the record was awarded.

Residents gathered for the event – and to enjoy the sweet itself!


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